Monday, June 30, 2008

Dog Days...

We have been tossing around the idea of another dog for awhile. Not sure that Xavier wants another dog - he might prefer staying an only but everytime hubby sees the SPCA commercial featuring Sarah Mclachlan and tons of sad puppy faces behind bars he wants to run out and save them all.

Then our local animal shelter posted this picture in the paper:
and our hearts melted. This poor guy was found on Tuesday the 24th, is about 7 years old and just adorable. Chances are he has a family who is missing him and perhaps the ad in the paper will let them be reunited somehow but if his family doesn't come for him we may try and bring him home to join our family.

I think I'm insane for wanting two big dogs when my house is not really that large. I'll have to add a mid-week vacuuming (probably should anyway) to keep up with all the hair. But I look at this face and think - he could very easily fit into our happy little home.

UPDATE: This dog has received lots of applications already so if he is not claimed by his owners in 30 days he has a home to go to.

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