Sunday, June 29, 2008


Happy news! My hubby quit smoking - he has tried many times and not been successful but somehow I think this time it will stick. The reason? He is pissed off - royally pissed off because NY State added an additional $2.00 per pack tax to them and he refuses to pay $6.50 for a pack of Marlboro Lights!

So he's been on Chantix for about 10 days and yesterday was the day - he ran out of cig's on Friday night and didn't smoke all day yesterday. He was crabby a few times but not really as bad as expected. He does have some nicotine gum for when it gets really bad but he's doing so well.

This morning he changed his myspace profile to list him as a non-smoker. I think he's committed this time! I'm proud of him! :)


Jennifer McKenzie said...

Good for him. That Chantix worked for me. Non smoker for over a while now.

Tricia said...

He tried Chantix before and took it for 4 months, got down to smoking about 2 a day but never took the leap and said no more. He stopped the Chantix and started smoking more again. BUT this time it's personal and he's royally pissed at the idea of paying $6.50 a pack. He's not quitting because his doctor said it would be better for him, he's not quitting because it's what I want for him. He's quitting to spite NY and not pay that awful tax. LOL I feel good about his success this time. The hardest part will be this coming weekend because his entire family are practically chain smokers and they will all be smoking up a storm. At Christmas time I spent 4 days with them in clouds of smoke and was sick for months. It will be hard for him to resist the urges when everyone around him is sucking on them - so I expect a minor relapse but hopefully nothing more. A few years ago he had quit for 4 months - hadn't had a single cig and we went to his family for Christmas and he wasn't there for 10 minutes and someone offered him one and next thing I know he was out buying a pack. So lots of family challenges this weekend. :(

Meghan said...

That's awesome news. I hope he's able to stick to it :)