Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thirteen random things in my world today (TT)

Thirteen things in my world today:

  1. Starting to carpool on Monday - excited and nervous. I don't know this guy that well but am all for saving loads of cash on gas. He works with me and keeps a similar schedule so all is good there.

  2. Tired of having the same conversations over and over with my husband because he can't remember having them the last 3 times. Tired of him getting angry and second guessing me and claiming we never had the conversation in the first place. Tired of what this fucking disease is taking away from him, from us.

  3. Getting quotes for new furnace, geez these things are expensive. This is what hubby keeps forgetting by the way. He doesn't think we need a new furnace despite several furnace guys telling me we do and that the current one is not safe.

  4. Sad that the swimming pool really was only a pipe dream. I knew it then but it was a nice dream to have for a few days. Maybe someday.

  5. Happy that I have no plans this weekend, not a single plan! Will probably go look at fireplace inserts but that will be it. Might be frustrated with that as it is part of the argument about the furnace that never ends.

  6. I went out to lunch with friends today instead of going to the gym. Sad but true - I'm made an excuse that is actually a real issue, I scraped up the back of my heel wearing fake croc's while gardening and then slipping on wet shoes. I don't think I can wear a real shoe on it - just having my jeans touching it yesterday hurt too much. Been wearing flip flops all week.

  7. Happy that my migraine is gone and with it the PMS.

  8. Wish hubby and I could move somewhere that would make him happy. Problem is I fear - there is no place on earth that he would be happy with long term. He is an essentially unhappy person by nature and that is hard to not take personally some days.

  9. The floor bounces at my office in my new location. There is an empty space beneath us and apparently with only posts and not walls to hold it all up there is a lot of give in the floor, I'm starting to get motion sick it moves so much when people walk by. UGH

  10. My maid came today. I get to go home to a nice clean house. Ahhhhhh that is a nice feeling.

  11. I figured out a problem at work today that has been confounding me and others, it's a good feeling to be the one that figures it out.

  12. I got my hair cut and colored last night. Had her layer it up a bit more into a shag type cut. Color is about the same - honey brown with blonde highlights. I like the new cut - takes the weight off without losing the overall length.

  13. My old boss from old job a.k.a. The Devil had a nice embarrassing treat on Tuesday morning to see her brother (a local elected official) splashed across the front page. Arrested at 3:10 am for drunk and disorderly behavior! LOL Bet yesterday she wished she hadn't taken her maiden name back!

And that concludes this issue of Thursday Thirteen - random ramblings from my world.


Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry to hear that your hubby is not doing well. I keep you two in my thoughts and send good vibes your way. All you can do is keep doing what you're doing and love him through it.

Also, the karma for the Devil is awesome :)

mdmhvonpa said...

I, also a man, suffering from MS Memory Issues. I, also confound the steel trapped Mrs, suffering from am Husband with MS. Patience. I have a PDA that I keep scrupulous notes in. Best case, the mrs says 'I told you so!' and if it is in the note book, I say 'So you did!'. If not, AH HAH!

Tricia said...

I wish my husband would take notes, anything really. But he doesn't think he has a memory problem. He thinks I'm making shit up to piss him off and only pretending we talked about it so I can get my own way. It's very emotionally healthy for both of us let me tell you. Unfortunately he does the same thing to his boss, I worry about him losing his job over this problem some day.

I am more patient than anyone I know when it comes to him and the MS, but it's harder when he tries to blame the problems on me.