Monday, June 16, 2008

We hired The Colonel...

I work in a very young somewhat hip (for techie's) workplace. The average age of people here is early 30's - a handful of twentysomethings, a few fortysomethings and about 2 people in their early 50's who don't look it AT ALL, very young, active, hip workplace.

Imagine how out of place this guy looks:
Okay so maybe he's really not quite that old but the new guy who started today looks to be in his 60's. Maybe he's not that old but he looks it! Snowy white hair, a distinguished gentleman look and manner, very grandfatherly.

What makes this awkward for me is he shares my cube wall and doubtless will hear every phone call I make, every curse word I utter. It's like my grandpa is sitting over there waiting for me to offend him with my potty mouth.

I guess I should just clean up the potty mouth? Mostly it's not that bad but I'm going to be self conscious about it from here on out I'm sure.

New guy is on my team too, I'll be sending him projects to work on. This is good - maybe once I get to know him I'll won't be weirded out by issuing orders to someone who looks like Colonel Sanders?

I guess the good thing is my company does not appear to practice any sort of age discrimination.

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Anonymous said...

I think that if he wants you to stop cussing, the least he could do is bring you some fried chicken! ;-)

Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it. I would worry more about saying things like "older than dirt", but then again, I'm bad about that.