Friday, June 27, 2008


It's Friday afternoon and I don't want to work. I just don't. I've got things to do and I'm reading blogs, surfing for interesting things, listening to music on i-tunes and just chillin.

I went to the gym at lunch and then came back and ate and now I just want to go sleep or eat ice cream or something. I went to the break room and was about to buy a Twix when a co-worker came in and I made some excuse and walked away. The truth is I don't want people to see me buy chocolate. If I do buy it I will slip it into a pocket so no one sees me walking back to my desk with it. I'm a secret eater.

Worried about 4th of July picnic. We will get going to my hubby's sister's house. His family history is atrocious - it's no wonder the guy has permanent anger issues. The sister we are going to see is one of his "real" sisters - he has three of those that he did not grow up with because his "mother" left his dad when he was 6 and they let my husband who was SIX YEARS OLD decide where he wanted to live and then she held it against him that he chose to go back home with daddy. So he grew up totally separate from them and has had no relationship with his biological mother. He did reconnect with the 3 sisters to some degree when their dad died, but only keeps in touch with one of them regularly and she invited us to her house for 4th of July picnic. We are 99% sure his biological mother will be there too, that could be awkward, the woman is from everything I've heard a real bitch. So wondering if there will be fireworks? or cold shoulders? or by some miracle of hell freezing over a reconciliation? The rest of the weekend will be spent with his adopted mother who is his "real" mother in every sense of the word and his adopted brother and sister and their families. That part will be easy. The 4th? Could be bad so send happy thoughts our way.

My parents will have been married for 40 years on the 12th of July and my sister and I are trying to figure out how to celebrate. NO big party as that is not their thing. But a family get together of some sort is in order. If my sister can get a sitter for her 2 kids and the handicapped old guy who lives with them we could have an adult dinner. That would be nice!

On the 20th my nephew (the adorable terror) will turn 5. I think he is going to be disappointed because he is sure that the minute he turns 5 he can start kindergarten no matter how many times we tell him he has to wait until fall for that.

Hubby is changing his Tysabri location again! Hopefully this time will go smoother than the last. The office manager at his doctor's office is probably fit to be tied, I can't bring myself to call her and made him do it. But the place we switched him to is 60 miles away and after saying they could do weekend appointments have stopped doing the infusions on Saturdays and instead want him to come on Wednesday nights. This works fine for summer months in daylight hours but once it starts getting dark he'll have a hard time with nights unless I get my dad to take him. Plus with gas prices continuing to climb 120 miles round trip is expensive. $20 co-pay and $20 gas to drive there and back. So the hospital where he works is going to be able to do it, he will have to work 1/2 an hour extra on 4 days during the week of the infusion to make up the 2 hours he will have to just sit in the infusion center. He better not change again or I might strangle him (in line behind Office Manager who is making all the changes again only 2 months later).

Well I killed nearly an hour with this blog post, emailing my sister about mom and dad's anniversary and hubby about buying a lottery ticket so we can win $36 million and quit our jobs. It's called dreaming.

Happy weekend blog friends - one more hour until I can leave this place for two whole days! Sad but true - even though I do love my job, if I win I'm not coming back to this rat race lifestyle. The problem with the rat race is that even if you win - you're still a rat.

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