Sunday, June 8, 2008

First things first...

Duh (re: prior post) Father's Day isn't until NEXT weekend - who was afraid to tell me I was wrong? LOL

And now the real subject of this post - NATURE INVADING MY YARD! :)

Look at this sweet little bambi I found under my willow trees this morning - isn't he adorable?

His mother no where in sight and him being extremely weak and not at all scared made me nervous. I wondered if he had wandered off and got lost or had some other way gotten separated from his mama. I called the sheriff wondering if there was a wildlife/game officer for this area they had me call a hotline at the Department of Environmental Conservation. They told me that it was common - that the mother had left him to go eat and rest herself but that she would be back. They said she could leave him there for 3-5 days and he'd be fine. WOW a newborn going 3-5 days with no food and he'd be fine? I was skeptical.

They also said not to touch him - but my husband, ever the rebel, had to do exactly what I told him not to. This really made me nervous. But we went out for a few hours and when we came back Bambi was gone. Off in the adjacent lot which is an overgrown field we could see a lone doe standing and staring at us. I assume that was her probably thinking she had snatched her baby from the jaws of death. I'm happy and a little disappointed too - was planning how to get some old goat bottles from my parents and calling a friend who has goats to get some milk and raising myself a pretty white tailed fawn! :)

In other news our brief trip out today was to go to a pool place and look at the costs for above ground pools. I might be able to swing it - a pool that is! WooHoo! Would so love to have a swimming pool.


Jennifer McKenzie said...

What a gorgeous picture!!!
And WOOOOOOOOOOT on the pool!!!!

Maxie said...

adorable deer :-)

i thought the reasoning behind not touching them had something to do with the mom rejecting them b/c our scent was on them... or is that only for baby birds?

Tricia said...

Actually the EnCon people told me that touching them puts a scent on them and that when they are born they don't have one. By putting a scent on them it allows predators to find them. Luckily the mom came back for him before something like the neighbor's rottie or a coyote found him.

verybadcat said...

Well, Tricia, if you need someone to help you break in that pool when you get it, you just let me know! :)

pessimisticredhead said...

Oh my gosh, that is soooo cute!