Thursday, July 17, 2008

I can't think of a Thursday Thirteen...

So I'm going to ramble and see how many things I get:

  1. I can't believe today is only Thursday. I don't want to do another day this week.

  2. Saturday is my nephew's birthday - he will be five! He is having his first kid party and I agreed to take his baby brother (9 months old) so mom and dad could focus on the kids and the party. There is an adult party at 4pm - BBQ for the grandparents, aunts and uncles, should be fun. I still haven't gotten him a gift. Any ideas for a great gift for a 5 year old boy that is ALL BOY?

  3. I am a judge for a certain species of livestock that I'll not name here cause it's a small world and I'd rather not draw too many people who know me here. Anyway I have gotten emergency phone calls to replace another judge this weekend and next who was in a terrible car accident last Friday night on his way to a show in NJ. He is in the ICU and if he survives he has months of intensive therapy to get him back on his feet. It makes me sad - he is my parents age, the nicest guy, he and his wife have no children by choice. Thinking of his wife all alone sitting by his bedside hoping he lives is so sad to me. I fear that kind of situation myself. By taking on these shows for ICU judge I make some extra unplanned money but I hate how I'm making it.

  4. Work is picking up - things are getting busy. RBT is sufficiently humbled and was moved into a cube where everyone walking down the hall can see his screen - no more slacking off for RBT! Thank GOD I am not in such a position.

  5. Car pooling is working out better than I ever imagined. We are alternating days now and it's saving me a ton. Only filling up the tank once a week now - WooHoo. And carpool companion's wife is now set up and approved to have Tysabri at the local hospital - thanks to my hubby getting it pushed through, it was a real help to them.

  6. Hubby seems to have quit smoking for real - he still seems to have the occasional cig - mostly socially like at the lake with friends last weekend. But he can go for days or weeks without one too. I'm proud of him.

  7. I bought hubby a gift to celebrate his success with quitting. It was delivered to the house today. I wish I had it delivered here to work cause he will get home before I do and I told him I had a present coming. Also told him to NOT open the Amazon box until I got home so will drive him nuts for about 2 hours! LOL I got him a new ipod Classic 80 gig to replace his 30 gig ipod Video that hasn't been working well and has crappy battery life. With this new one we will be a 4 ipod household. LOL I need to figure out what to do with the old ones. I think I'll take the video back and use it as a portable hard drive instead. He will be surprised and hopefully happy.

  8. I have a ton of pictures on my camera that I should dump. I also should take all the photos stored from years of digital picture taking off my hard drive and upload them to Picaso. I'm sure my family would enjoy sharing them.

  9. I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel here trying to find 13 things, so I think I'll stop. The Thursday Nine doesn't quite cut it but it's all I got folks.


Anonymous said...

I have an 80 GB portable hard drive, and I love it. It's a part of me. I back up work files. It stores my mp3 collection (we're a no ipod household), and all of our digital pictures. I keep all of my homework and lecture notes on it. I back it up to Google accounts and to my laptop, and I carry it anywhere with me. Helpful for visiting family, because I can plug it into their computer and show pics and stuff. :)

Sorry, I have no idea what 5 year old boys like.

Tricia said...

I have a 120 gig portable hard drive that isn't all that portable considering it is as heavy as your average brick. I also have a 1 gig pen drive that is great for day to day use. But using the 30gig ipod as a portable hard drive will be nice and easy. And battery life won't matter when using it for that since it's got to be plugged in to transfer data.

It's an expensive damned hard drive though - LOL paid $200 for it with a $100 coupon about 2 years ago.

I use hubby's old 2 gig nano in my Ihome alarm clock so I don't constantly have to keep unplugging (and probably forgetting my 8 gig nano).

Good for you being a no ipod household - I would suggest staying that way as these things are addictive - like crack.