Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - things that are annoying me...

13 things that are annoy the snot out of me:

  1. Supposedly smart women who act dumb/ditzy - an account manager at our parent company was on a conference call today and she couldn't spit out a very simple concept in a manner that we could comprehend. Finally I got the gist of what she was saying and had to interpret for the others and she said "Oh yes, that's what I meant" as all the men in the room rolled their eyes and pictured her as a dumb blonde I'm sure. How she got where she is I have no idea.

  2. Crazy internet forwards that tell me every evil thing that has happend in the world since Hitler are due to 17-40 year old muslim extremist men and then go on to say how Revlations (the book of the Bible) says the Antichrist will be a muslim male 17-40 (ummm no it doesn't) and how it also *gasp* talks of a male (17-40 of course) of muslim descent who will lead the world's greatest nation or some such crap. Of course they are talking about Obama. Now I'm not really an Obama supporter but there are certainly enough things to attack in his politics without resorting to calling him a muslim and making up scripture passages to call him the antichrist or something.

  3. Rain every day for a week.

  4. Standing in line at Target over my lunch break - seeing only 2 registers open, people backing up and red shirted people standing around with their thumbs up their asses. Get someone on the registers - what a lousy manager they must have today.

  5. People who don't get references to "Office Space" - excuse me, I believe you have my stapler... come on who doesn't get that? I work in a company of programmers and geeks - it should be a job requirement that they have seen this movie.

  6. Road closures due to flooding adding 20 minutes to my already too long commute (see #3)

  7. Dressing up because there are clients in the office today (that I'm not even meeting with) to find my boss wearing jeans and a polo shirt (and he is meeting with them).

  8. People who slow down to 45mph in a 65mph zone because there is a cop in the median. REALLY?

  9. Having a broken DISHNetwork system, can't connect to one of the satellites for some reason AND having to wait almost 2 weeks for someone to come out to check it after the last time someone was out and didn't fix the problem. Poor Hubby is jonesing for some "Stump the Scwabb" and ESPN is on the satellite we can't connect to.

  10. Gremlins in my computer that do strange things. IT guy who can't fix it. Nuff Said.

  11. Hearing news reports about gas prices declining and not noticing any changes locally. GRRRRRR

  12. Grass that is high enough to count as a hayfield - and far too wet to cut (again see #3)

  13. Coming to the end of a really good book that I wish would go on forever. I just read "The Making of Mia" by Ilana Fox and I loved it - I related so to the heroine and wanted to keep reading about her exploits forever.


La said...

Ug, the rain, I know! For crying out loud! It flooded my basement last night! And my dogs think they're going to melt if they get wet, so they've been peeing under the kitchen table. Which is awesome.

Tricia said...

Oh thank GOD my dog is a lab and doesn't seem to mind being wet in the least. If he started peeing inside I'd have to kill him!

Shieldmaiden96 said...

I love the forwards that are hoaxes because I do 'reply to all' and tell everyone and their brother's hairdresser that the person who sent it is a go-tard. Well, not in so many words. Rock on,!!

mdmhvonpa said...

Obama ... ummm, I thought he was NOT a muslim? Oops! :D

Anonymous said...

There is nothing more disappointing in the world than finishing a good book. ;-)

BRAINCHEESE said... are you getting some rain or something (ducking your virtual swing at my face!)...LOL

Linda D. in Seattle