Thursday, July 10, 2008

More shameful gloating at the misfortune at others

In a meeting today regarding RBT's former client the new Account Manager had asked RBT to come into the meeting even though the VP (my boss) had not invited him. He just wanted to talk to new AM and me. So after we had a brief convo with RBT my boss says I want you two and points to me and new AM only on the call this afternoon. Then after we all walk out he calls just the two of us back in his office and asks us to close the door. Tells new AM that under no circumstances is RBT to be on that call and that we are working hard to make up for poor service on this account and in fact we will be doing this next reporting project at no additional charge.

RBT screwed this up so badly that we are doing work for free (normal charge for this would have been $5500) to keep from losing a half million dollar account! I want to know how he managed to get transferred and demoted instead of FIRED which is what would happen to most people who fuck up that royally.

Anyway more gleeful jubilation on my part and since I can't exactly gloat around the office, well I will gloat to all you lovely readers.


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Delicious. :)