Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Today is Dragging... (and I'm feeling bitchy)

I had to get up and go outside because the day to day chatter around me was driving me buggy today. Nerds talking about nerdy things - like if web development is better using Java or Ruby (who cares?). And I had some things to drop in a mailbox so I took them and ran. Down the stairs and out the front door I walked to the mailbox and dropped my things in.

On my way back I ran into a co-worker - a perfectly sweet woman who happens to be about twice the normal weight for someone her height. Why do I mention her weight? She was carrying a large McDonald's bag, had a chocolate shake and took the elevator instead of the stairs. She was going to hold it for me but I said "no thanks". I hate myself for judging her - I certainly despise it when people judge me - and they do. I justify this to myself by saying "I eat McD's a few times a year" and from what I have seen she eats it a few times a week, but still - it's really none of my business.

To continue the bitchiness - another two co-workers were outside smoking by the door. Neither of them has any business doing it. One was taken out in an ambulance a few months ago with her face beet red and her heart racing unable to catch a breath. She spent a week in hospital and when she got out she went right back to her nasty habit. The other has chrons disease and from what I've read it is greatly exacerbated by smoking. Is this my business? Not really - their medical issues aren't driving the health insurance up any more than my husband and his $40,000 a year Tysabri infusions I'd guess.

Just bitchy today. Oh and I just tried to call XM radio to get it turned back on in my car (now that they will give it to me for $60 a year instead of $165) and their phone keeps disconnecting me. I tried calling another number to be sure it wasn't my phone, and it's not.

And last but not least - the software program the web geeks were arguing about the best way to develop is one I use every day - ALL DAY and today it's not working.

If I wasn't car pooling I'd go shopping right now and forget this horrid day.


verybadcat said...

Sorry, babe. Sounds like a rough day, and exactly the reason I just can't bring myself to carpool- no escape!

Wish me luck on my Accounting final tonight, and at the bar afterwards.....

Tricia said...

I know being trapped is hard - but I am saving at least $60 a week by car pooling. The savings are too much to ignore.

Good luck on that final for sure and take it easy at the bar!

Shieldmaiden96 said...

Sounds like a day when I'd go out at lunch and buy a new lipstick.

Tricia said...

I couldn't even do that Kim I had no car! :(

Shieldmaiden96 said...

Oh. You must work too far from anything fun, like I do. I could walk to a golf course or to go rent a backhoe from here, that's about it! :) 'Course, there's always sephora.com!