Monday, July 7, 2008

So we're back...

The trip was okay - long drive on Thursday. Friday we went to his sister's house and the biological mom was there, surprisingly it was pleasant and polite. Unfortunately seeing her must have really put him more on edge than I thought because he turned into stark raving asshole later that day in front of the rest of his family and just turned on me. I normally will not fight back with an audience but he went too far and so I stood up for myself and then stormed off telling him to *shut the fuck up* and his mom, sister and brother-in-law all then lit into him and stuck up for me! (I have the best in-laws) I went to bed because I was exhausted and didn't want to deal with any more that night. His mom told him to come in and make things right - instead he came in and made things worse, even used the "D" word to which I replied - "good, I don't NEED you, I'm here because I want to be but if you keep this up I won't want to be anymore since all you are is more work!"

We "made-up" in the morning but his family was still really upset about how he acted and his mom had a few more talks with him about his behavior. The next day at our nieces graduation his mom told her cousin about his behavior because she works in a neurologists office and deals with MS patients daily. The cousin came to me and told me it's time to up his "mood altering" drugs and that I should call the doctor and request this. But that wouldn't fly - I may talk to him about that before his next appointment as I do think he might need a higher dose now that he's adapted.

The rest of the weekend he sucked up - royally sucked up - so he knows his behavior was atrocious. He even suggested we stop at the outlet mall on the way home so I could buy new shoes? I think the heat was getting to him. I took him up on it and got 2 very cute pair of sandals at the Bass Shoe Outlet for 60% off! WooHoo! Before we left his sister's husband told me in front of him that if he started acting up again I should hit him upside the head, that fear is almost as good as respect! LOL

Back to work and TIRED, but overall things aren't too bad in my little corner of the world.


Anonymous said...

What a brat! BRAT! But hey, at least you got some new shoes out of the deal, and it sounds like maybe he got an earful that he sorely needed.

I would do him the respect of talking to him about the mood meds first, however, I would not hesitate to call the doctor directly if he gave me any crap.

WH once accompanied me to the GYN to ask them if there was some way to keep me from being such a stark ravin' bitch when I on my "off" week back when I took the pill instead of using the patch. He said he just wanted to tag along and get used to the idea until the dr. showed up, and then he was all like "she's all bitchy when she's not eating pills- can you fix that?" ?!? WTF? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry he acted up. But I'm really glad that you stuck up for yourself. Keep him in line!