Monday, August 18, 2008

Boycotting Monday

I have not been in the office on a Monday yet in the month of August. The 4th - working from home for the install that never happened. The 11th a vacation day and I spent it with my sister, shopping and having fun. Today - working from home again and furnace is being installed as we speak. Two men are here and they have been working for just over 2 hours now. I haven't bothered to stick my head down and see what they are doing - but maybe I should? HMMM

Anyway I definitely enjoy this boycott of Monday I have going! I think I will have to go in next Monday but then the following week is Labor Day right? Cool!

I guess if I never had to go in on Monday I'd just start dreading Tuesday instead?


Anonymous said...

Probably, but it would be an awesome experiment! :)

Jennifer said...

Last year instead of taking my vacation as whole weeks, I took Monday vacation days. It was so nice on Sunday not to get those dreaded "Oh NO! The weekend is almost over" blues. Enjoy! :)