Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Random things

  1. My husband's boss is making a case to fire him. This sucks royally. This means I have to hurry up and help him get his resume out there so he can quit pre-emptively.

  2. My own review is only 1.5 months away. I feel that I've been somewhat of a slacker of late. I need to turn this around pronto so I can count on a good review and hopefully a hefty raise.

  3. I am in the process of setting up friends on a date. This makes me think I might be crazy. One is a former co-worker and forever friend. One is a current co-worker and casual friend. If things go south I will be on her side (the forever friend) no matter what but will still have to see him daily. Not going to worry about that as they would make a good couple.

  4. I got another good friend an interview here. It was today. I think she rocked it and expect she will get an offer early next week. I hope I'm not overconfident for her.

  5. Hubby and I are going to the state fair on Sunday. I have gone to the NYS Fair for at least one day every year for the past 25 years. It's a tradition! Even when I lived in Ohio - we drove back for the NYS Fair and stayed for 2-3 nights.

  6. I'm honored this week to have a post of mine featured on the Carnival of MS Bloggers and even more honored to be featured the same week as Linda of Brain Cheese!

  7. Hubby's birthday is Sept 21st and I am trying to figure a good gift for him. I was going to take him to a NASCAR race in Dover - bus trip and all. But he thought it was too much for a race and I thought it was too long a day (bus leaves at 2am and drops you back off at 1am the next day). So I'm seeking ideas - 1-2 night weekend trips that would be 2-4 hours driving time from Albany, NY. Any ideas?

  8. "Just remember, if you hang in there long enough, good things can happen in this world. I mean, look at me." I am obsessing over Office Space lately.

  9. I still have that website work to finish. My client emailed me saying how it all needs to be done by this date 2 weeks in the future and how IMPORTANT this is. But the thing is, it's not important to me. I'll meet his deadline, bill him and then remind him that he is supposed to be finding someone else to do this for him. We'll see maybe he'll finally get it!

  10. I adore my dog. I heart him more than you should heart a dog. I treat him like he's a child and not a pet. I know people with real live human children think I'm crazy. I don't care!

  11. A former co-worker's (not a friend) husband was involved in a very big cocaine ring drug bust a few months ago as in arrested and charged and trial is pending, etc. I have been sworn to secrecy by the one who told me and wasn't supposed to. I work with 3 other people who know her too and it's such a super juicy bit of gossip it's KILLING me to keep quiet. But for my friend I will not say a word to them. None of you count cause you don't know her! ;-)

  12. Lately my audio book choices have been more romance than chick lit. Not sure why but I'm on a Nora Roberts kick - wow some of her "scenes" make me want to squirm in my seat a little and blush if anyone knew what I was listening to.

  13. Holiday weekend coming up. I am so looking forward to Monday off. Thinking about last minute trip to Zoom Flume with my nephew if the weather cooperates.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so with you on stepping it up at work! I've been unfocused and slackerish lately, but I'm hoping to redeem myself by getting some work done tomorrow.