Monday, August 25, 2008

Funny Searches - Redux

To the searcher who found by asking this question:
why is my middle aged husband such a jerk? I can only say it seems that many of them are indeed jerks at least for a time. Tonight on my way home from work a middle-aged man in a corvette convertible came through weaving in and out of traffic in an effort to get 5 seconds in front of me, and my car pooler said to me "watch out! midlife crisis coming through" and we both had a good laugh.

To all the searchers from Brazil - why on earth are all of you searching on the term agemania or age mania? Is this something Brazilians worry about regularly? I did a search on Google and came up with a list of results that I can't read because I don't read Portugese unfortunately.

And to the searcher who found me by searching for "muscle hairy men" I am sorry to disappoint you but EWWW is all I can say.


Maxie said...

The last one is gross... I love looking at the searches that lead people to my blog. I wrote about peeing ONCE and now I get so many hits involving urine.

Tricia said...

my biggest hit factor by far is smirnoff ice wild grape - CRAZY! LOL

Queen-Size funny bone said...

muscle and hair, how they go together? this could be the beginning of an entire new blog.