Monday, August 25, 2008

Cat Shaving and Other Fun Weekend Exploits...

I have a cat named Felix who is very fat, very, very fat. We have put him on a diet, taken all dry food away from him (carb addict) and still he is very, very, very fat. He is a cat that should weigh about 13-14lbs and he currently weighs 20. He has become so fat that the poor kitty can no longer groom his nether regions as well as he should. Baby wipes work well when I notice a problem. ANYHOW - his lack of grooming soon led to hair mats forming on top if his back near his tail that required attention.

Poor Felix is also skittish - VERY skittish. He has bitten me more than once when I attempt to force him to do things he'd rather not do. He also bit me so badly once that I required 10 days of 1000mg Amoxy 2X a day and a tetnus shot - but I don't blame him for that one. I stood on his tail - yes STOOD - wearing wooden soled shoes while he had his head burried in the food bowl. He whipped around so fast and sank all 4 fangs into my calf - it was over before I knew what happened and he was gone but the infection started up fast.

So in order to facilitate removing (cutting) large matts off Felix's back it was best to sedate him so as not to get bit. 1 benadryl does the trick nicely. I risk life and limb to force a pill down his little throat and then leave him alone for an hour, when I come back he's awake but barely and kinda floppy - so relaxed. Good! I have scissors, undercoat rake, brush, and electric clippers if needed for the job. He just flops there on the floor next to me and I managed to cut out the mats without having to turn on the clippers that would have sent him into terror mode I fear. And I brushed and raked and brushed some more. Finally he looks like he got a hair cut from a toddler but he has no mats and should be feeling a bit better.

Funny though, he was still a bit floppy at dinner and fell asleep with his head in the bowl! LOL

So other weekend fun? - Friend over Friday night was a gas! She stayed until 1am and I had plenty to drink and eat and we sang karaoke for hours. And the gossip - such juicy stuff but I can't share yet - she made me promise. Then Saturday - nothing exciting but my parents for dinner and games. Sunday mowed the lawn and took the pup out for ice cream. That's about it. Cat shaving was the highlight of my weekend. (Not really Friday night was the highlight-but cat shaving is funnier!)


Anonymous said...

Next time you drug the cat, please take photos. :)

Maxie said...

awww poor thing! my cat would mall me if I had to shave him

Tricia said...

that's why I drugged him Maxie! :)