Monday, September 22, 2008

Ho Hum

So this past weekend was hubby's birthday - I had wanted to do it up big and take him somewhere spectacular but then he went and quit his job without lining up a sure thing and so in the interest of preserving funds we stayed home. I did buy him an old fashioned popcorn popper - the kind you see at carnivals only miniature and so cute. He loves popcorn, especially movie theater popcorn which this technically should be close to so I would have expected more excitement but he's depressed and so his reaction was less than spectacular.

Let's see what did we do this past weekend? Friday night we went grocery shopping and to Pizza Hut for dinner - it was less than stellar as I'm sure you can imagine. Then Saturday I did laundry, picked up the house and made apple crisp for dessert and I played online a bit. Hubby laid on the couch until 4pm and took a shower finally and then at 5pm my family came over for hubby's birthday dinner. We had spaghetti and meatballs - one of his favorites. Once we were done eating he retreated to the living room to watch TV while the rest of us stayed out in the dining room talking. He barely spoke to anyone, just moped off by himself. My family doesn't know yet of his impending jobless state. Hoping to announce his new job is a sure thing instead of telling them that he royally screwed up.

After they left I gave him his cards and his gift and he barely got enough excitement together to even say thank you. Then he went to bed around 10pm. Sunday morning I got up, and tackled my day. More laundry, more cleaning, picking veggies from the garden. I also created a nice big square of fenced in area to use as a compost pile in the back corner of our property. I pulled all the dead and dying things out of the garden and picked up all the rotting apples from the back yard tree and dumped them all in there along with the dead/dying hanging baskets and deck pots. In a few years time I'll have some nice soil to use! LOL What did hubby do? He laid on the couch - he ate the rest of his apple crisp (and this is the only thing he ate all day on Sunday) and at 5pm he took a shower and put a movie into the DVD player in the bedroom. Yes he went to bed at 5pm. He did get a few phone calls from his mom, his sister and his best friend to all wish him a happy birthday. But mostly he grumped around in a funk.

His mood is dragging me down too. I feel completely BLAH. No word yet on the job front. I am hoping he gets the call and gets the job, it will help him snap out of this I'm sure. At least the gravity of the situation has dawned on him but I didn't want him to turn into a depressed zombie.


Anonymous said...

Oh man. I'm sorry. What a sucky weekend. I hope things turn around.

Anonymous said...

Pouting sucks. With WH, I always get the impression that the pouting is for my benefit- as in- how can you be mad at me when I'm so upset?

I hope he gets the call soon.


Crystal Jordan said...

Awww. That sucks. I hope things pick up soon!

Maxie said...

pizza hut will always cheer me up... as long as it's stuffed crust. that is the shit.

i hope the hubby starts to feel better soon. don't let him drag you down.

Tricia said...

He has perked up some - and I'm ignoring the rest. We're okay for now as long as he gets that job. At least he seems to want to do something productive, he got some exam study books to finally finish his MCSE.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

*sigh* It sucks ass when those who make decisions that aren't great and then get depressed by the results are able to drag you down.
I'm so sorry, Tricia. I hope this week gets better for you.
Look at you! All productive and stuff. You rock.

Lanette said...

Yeah, life is just difficult for all of us I realize. That popcorn popper sounds really cool tho! And Pizza haven't had the HUT in ages...yum.

Here's to better days ahead!