Friday, September 5, 2008

TGIF - I think

What a week it's been blogging friends. Hubby has perked up considerably after spending last Sunday with a friend he hadn't seen since 1988 and finding out that he and his wife live so close to us AND we all got along famously. Then getting the call about the contracting job also perked him up.

I have concerns - major concerns about him going to NYC for 4 days a week. I worry that he will be overdoing it physically and set himself back. I worry that he will get lost in NYC because his sense of direction is HORRIBLE. I worry that at the end of the contract he won't find another job right away and we'll be fucked when it comes to money. I worry that they are not offering him enough money for the job. I worry what working as an independant contractor might do to our tax situation. I worry.

He is happier than he has been in months. The idea that he can get away from his current prick of a boss has him happy, happy, happy. He's not thinking long term or big picture. That's my job BUT I don't want to throw a big bucket of cold water on his happy fest.

He did talk to his friend who has worked as a contractor for awhile and he told him that the salary they offered was extremely low for contract work and super low for NYC that they are lowballing him and to demand twice what they initally offered. I was happy with that because I also think they offered him far too little for the type of job they want him to do and for being away from his family all week.

So interview is NOW! (10am EST) then he has to talk to the recruiter/staffing firm again at which time he will mention that he will need much more in the way of salary than the inital number that was thrown out. He undervalues himself but his friend boosted his confidence that he is worth it.

Wish him luck, if this is what it takes to make him stop moping around I guess I will be the dutiful happy wife.

*smiling through gritted teeth*


verybadcat said...

Well, I hope that it works out, that it's at least livable for you. Seems like there are some things that can be taken care of, like getting him a GPS so he isn't lost, and setting up a savings account to put taxes into so you don't get into trouble in April.

Sucks, though, that you have to figure out how to make it work and he just gets to do the happy dance. Been there.

I miss you! This new interweb policy sucks ass.


The vast majority of my work is as an independent contractor. There are some benefits when it comes to tax time. Deduct as much as possible before calculating the Self-Employment tax.

In order to cover the taxes, always add about 40% on top of the hourly or per job rate you want to end up with. For instance, if you want to net $100 and you are in the 25% tax bracket, you must charge $140.

That's why deducting as much off Schedule C as possible is so very important.

Diesel said...

Good luck to hubby! As for Google, I haven't seen the slide or aquariums, but the rest of it is true. I may have to go hunt down the aquarium though.

Lanette said...

I'm glad your hubby is in better spirits! I understand what you mean when you say he undervalues himself. My fiance does that all the time with his job. He is a bad negotiator - I have my fingers crossed he'll learn his worth one day soon!

I wish your hubby the best of luck - at least he is happy! :)