Thursday, September 11, 2008

When Good Husbands Go Bad...

Seems like a good series idea for the Lifetime Network or at least a movie of the week idea.

My husband is not bad - but today he did something I asked him not to do. He acted in a way that is both selfish and immature. He has heaped a big ole pile of steaming crap (stress) on me with this action.

He had a 2nd technical interview for the contracting position in NYC. He feels that he has the job in the bag. I kind of think he does too and encouraged him to keep his head up because the end is in sight. He expects to hear an offer from them tomorrow or early next week. This would be great.

BUT (you knew there had to be one right?) today he gave his notice at his current job. He does not have an offer yet for the new job, it could still fall through for any number of reasons. A last minute lowball offer by another contracting company. A change in budget for the project. A change in timing of the project. Lots of things outside his control. And if any one of those things or any countless other unknown variable were to stop them from making him this job offer - we are FUCKED!

I would have to cash in IRA accounts and take the hit (both the IRS tax hit and the fact that the stock market is not exactly rosy right now) to keep us afloat for awhile - he has been unemployed TWICE in the 8 years since we have been married, the first time was from April until October 2001 and the second time was from May 2004 until February 2005. The first time he collected unemployement and we are still paying off the credit card we used to survive the 2nd time. If he is unemployed again for more than a few weeks I may kill him.

I specifically told him not to give notice until he had the offer letter in hand. So not only does he not wait for the letter, he didn't even wait for the offer. I know he is miserable and hates his job and his boss BUT I grew to hate my last job too and I waited until I had a signed offer letter in hand to give my notice. Really would it have killed him to wait a few more days?


verybadcat said...

WH has an interview Saturday. He's not excited about it at all. I don't think this changes my mind from last night.

What the hell is it with husbands?

pessimisticredhead said...

SO FRUSTRATING. I'm sorry. And while I heart VBC, I have to say, I think it's all men, not just husbands, who pull this shit.

I'm crossing my fingers and toes he gets this!

Lanette said...

That is very frustrating. Did you say "What the *&^% were you thinking?!"...that's what I would have said.

Best of luck that he gets the new job!