Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Quick Update

Let's see - my blogging activity will be much lighter since I wrote most of my blogs from work and now I need to really stay offline as much as possible at work. My company rolled out some new internet browsing history reports to managers this week. Now my manager is a VP and hardly has time to check up on people BUT he mentioned it to me before the roll-out in passing and I took it as a warning. I had been spending too much time online at work and now I will be spending very little. My plan is to do little other than check my gmail periodically and look at the news. Wish me luck.

I had a great weekend - Friday night was insanely crazy at the bar we were at with my friend E. There was a nasty older lady there dressed like a skank (come to find out she is a stripper from a seedy place up the road) who whipped up her tiny spandex skirt to reveal - no panties. She did this many times - she made sure everyone saw her nasty bits. It was surreal and we managed to have a good time anyway. Could it be the stray smoke from the bong the guys at the next table were passing wafted into my brain? Saturday was pure laziness, Sunday shopping, Monday played a hooky because I didn't feel well and finally finished that website project - now I need to formulate the bill and make it worth all the agony I put into it.

My friend "K" was hired at my company on my recommendation - she starts Monday. I'm so happy for her as she was laid off effective last Friday. Also happy for me because I get a $500 finders fee for her! WooHoo! I see new shoes and purses in my future. (also she will make a 3rd in our car pool so more $$ saved)

Hubby is going to have a 2nd technical interview this week for the NYC job. I worry horribly about him down there BUT even worse will be the downtrodden, despondent man in my house if he does not get this job. I cannot deal with that again he has just risen from the ashes of the last major depression another would send ME over the edge.

So it's 7:10am - my hair is up in a towel and I'm wearing a robe. I now have 20 minutes to dry and somewhat style my hair and find a suitable set of clothing to wear to work today. Goodbye for now.

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Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed for Pete. Miss you on the interwebz. Hooray for new shoes and bigger carpools! :)