Monday, September 15, 2008

Just a quick update

Hubby did get the job in NYC - but after today's huge news in the banking world I worry a lot about a job for a bank in NYC. The good news was that he got it - the bad news they don't want him to start until November 3rd. That is 7 weeks away and he already gave 2 weeks notice. So unless he can convince his current (hostile, asshole, prick) boss to keep him on for a few extra weeks we are going to be short 5 weeks of his paychecks. That is going to suck.

And he thinks if he can't keep working it's a good idea to travel instead and visit his family in PA and OH - around 1500 miles of driving with the price of gas crazy high and us being quite a bit short on cash for the month. Don't know how to tell him without being sarcastic and mean that it's just not a good idea.

So I think things will be okay but still not comfortable with the situation.


Lanette said...

Glad to hear hubby got the NYC job. On a side note, NYC around Xmas will be awesome - he will love it.

Hopefully current prick boss will keep him a few more weeks. Good Luck!

verybadcat said...

I threaten to show WH our budget spreadsheet.

WH: "Let's do something horribly expensive and frivolous!"

VBC: "Do you want to look at the budget and figure out how to make it work?"

WH: "You can't make it work?"

VBC: "I don't think they give me my magic accountant's wand or my money tree until I get a degree."

WH: "You suck. I hate being broke."

VBC: "You suck. You're fired."

WH: "Too late!"

Then we laugh. Then we drink.

Tricia said...

Yeah Pete actually said to me "I don't know what you do with all our money" when I said I paid bills he said "we don't have that many bills, do we?" DUH - he thinks the electric bill is $50 but it's really $150 usually. Just paid $1000 to fill the propane tank for the winter. Then there are 2 car payments and 2 car insurance payments. The mortgage, the phone, internet, TV, the cell phones, the home equity loan, gas, food, animal food, credit card bills.

yeah I don't know what I do with all our money either. :(

Maxie said...

azcongrats on him getting the job... hopefully you can talk him out of blowing a ton of money while he's out of work. it will go by faster than you think :-)


Hey, Girl!

So sorry I've been missing you these past 10 days...Life decided to fill my schedule with CRAP, so I've been too busy to even sleep on this end.

Seems like things are chugging along on your end of the world? But dayum those work place internet police!

Linda D. in Seattle