Thursday, March 6, 2008

7 things I miss about being a teen in the 80's + 6 things that are better now = Thursday Thirteen

  1. Journey - Open Arms, Faithfully, Don't Stop Believin (Open Arms is playing on an itunes radio station I've got open now)

  2. Innocence - yes friends I was extremely innocent for most of the decade.

  3. Freedom from Responsibility - while I hardly knew it then, how nice that someone else had to worry about the details of my life and my finances while I just focused on my teenage angst

  4. Having my whole life in front of me like a book waiting to be written, with career choices and relationships still to come that I couldn't even fathom

  5. Friends - I had real true IRL friends who I could hang with, who came to my house and I went to theirs. I miss having people to hang with - between work and family commitments it's nearly impossible to get a group together anymore.

  6. Sleeping in on a Saturday - sometimes I'd crawl out of bed around 2 in the afternoon - heavenly.

  7. Time to read - I spent every spare moment I could muster with my nose in a book. I read anything and everything I could get my hands on. These days if I can't get it in audio I can't read it for the most part. My 2 hours in the car each day is the only time I can really "read".

And to get to 13 - 6 things that are better in the 2000's:

  1. Sex! Nuff Said!

  2. The Internet! So many people I might never have met without it (including my hubby)

  3. Freedom - while I am responsible for my own life and my own bills now and that is a weight to bear, it's also nice to not have to run anything by mom first! LOL

  4. Reality TV - I mean how else would I know that I'm not really a total freak without comparing myself to these people.

  5. iPods! WooHoo! I can listen to my favorite music anytime, anywhere! Man I loved my cassette walkman back in the day but it sure was limited! Ever try to run with one? Even worse - running with a CD Walkman?

  6. No homework and getting paid for what I do all day!

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WendyWings said...

LOL that list resonates with me on many levels.
HAHA at the reality tv comment, I know a LOT of reality tv people ( yeah for weird jobs lol) and you are right most of them are freaks :)

AJ Chase said...

Oh, I love Journey. I have all their songs on my MP3 player, LOL.

Di said...

I miss the shoulder pads and big hair...NOT!

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Ooo I hear you. Though honestly I don't miss my innocence much. LOL.
Great TT.

chanpheng said...

There's nothing like growing up! I think I remember those days.

Tricia said...

The part of my innocence I miss was not realizing how many horrible people there are in the world.

Sometimes ignorance is bliss!

verybadcat said...

This was great- totally with you on all of it, except I still sleep in, mostly because people are afraid to wake me up. ;-)

Tricia said...

I wish I could sleep in now - it's not that anyone is getting me up (well the dog does but I just go back to sleep when he's done peeing) it's more that I can't sleep that long. Also I don't stay up until all hours. I find myself going to bed by 11pm even on weekends because I'm tired. So I don't get up at 6am on the weekend but I rarely sleep past 8am unless I was up late the night before. Plus if I sleep more than 8-9 hours it seems my back starts to hurt from laying in bed too long. :)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

OH, yeah. I was innocent back then. Maybe too innocent.

And yes, the sex IS better now that we've got more sense -- and less innocence.