Thursday, March 27, 2008

HA - I see you!

Checking my stats this morning - I got a hit from apparently they still use the old url for internal purposes? Nimo = Niagara Mohawk = National Grid = my power company! Apparently someone there googles their name regularly? Wonder if someone actually gets paid for that? How do you get that job? Surfing the net all day looking for mentions of your company's name?

Wonder if they cared that the power outage contributed heavily to my bad day?

So our power was back on and came on minutes after I left for work feeling dirty and crabby. And the DSL was back on last night too. No permanent damage.

1 comment:

Jennifer McKenzie said...

LOL!!!! You go girl. Don't you let them get away with "seeing" you and not calling them on it!!
So, is the Wicked Wednesday going to be a regular thing? I'd love that.