Friday, March 7, 2008

TGIF - the scales are starting to tip...

I had a meeting with the VP of Operations today about the opportunity that is being offered to me. He filled me in on the details, what they are looking for and where the team is heading. My title would be Database Account Manager - still lots of customer interaction, just projects that are more complex and analytical than what I'd have if I continue on the path I'm on now. Right now there is one Database Account Manager and she is trying to manage implementations and analytics and it's just grown to be too much for her. They see my strength in being on the analytical side and in helping to understand customer requirements (as I have been on that side of the table in my prior job).

So basically if I want it they are going to create this job to cater to my strengths and really set me up to succeed. How can I argue with that? The job I'm in now is interesting but I can see that once I mature in this position I could become a bit bored with the sameness of the jobs from week to week. Also on the database team I have a chance to really stand out - there will be 2 Account Managers and lots of opportunity to shine. If I stay with the Client Services team there are three teams with approx 10 account managers per team, already some "stars" on the team - not that I couldn't become one of them but certainly more competition for the attention.

And not really the deal maker - BUT no more RBT watching my every move (I mean he can if he wants but he will have no power over me) and reporting directly to the VP of Operations who is just a regular guy easy to talk to and not at all intimidating (versus my current boss who is a Sr Manager and while not intimidating not exactly personable either). More flexibility in scheduling (my current boss is much more rigid on start times and face time in the office, etc) and working from home as needed.

So I have two more things to do before I decide for sure - sit down with the current Database Account Manager and get a feel for her day to day tasks and really grill her on tasks and how the team interacts, etc., another meeting with VP so he can demo the analytical tools we currently have and get a feel for how I could really help improve that process and add value for the customers, and (okay maybe three things) do a bit of research online regarding salaries and employment opportunities in this new field if I do choose to go that route and at some point want to leave the company or relocate.

But on Wednesday I had a strong leaning toward staying put and now I have swayed more to the other side.


Catherine said...

Yeah, it would be hard to turn down a chance to shine in a position that doesn't report to RBT and DOES report to the VP.

Tough decisions!

How much do you have to worry about future potential, with other companies and areas, in this specific position? Couldn't you easily go back to the job you have now with another company if you had to?

Tricia said...

Actually both jobs probably have equal employment potential in other companies in this area or in other areas if we choose to relocate. Both positions are technical but this one would allow me to move back to the role I'm in now or to continue up the path in the database side of the business.


Decisions!!! Damitol...

But I'm sure you'll figure out what's best for you soon.

Linda D. in Seattle