Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thirteen Things I WOULDN'T do for money...

I'm watching "The Moment of Truth" on FOX and in typical FOX style the show is all about shock factor. People willing to hurt their family and friends for cold hard cash. It made me think of what I would do for cash and so in honor of that here are some things I definitely wouldn't do for even a large sum of money:

  1. Kill someone - goes without saying but figured I'd throw it out there in case I have trouble coming up with 13 things! LOL

  2. Kill or hurt an animal - again goes without saying.

  3. Have sex with anyone other than my husband.

  4. Appear naked in public or in print.

  5. Eat truly nasty things - I have a strong sense of smell and a vicious gag reflex so even though I'd like to think I could eat nasty things a'la Fear Factor for cold hard cash I know there is no way I could really do it.

  6. Dish the dirt on anyone in my family or one of my best friends - nope wouldn't do it.

  7. Give up my dog - no amount of money - he's a member of the family.

  8. Give up the internet - I'd like to think I could but the reality is - nope this crazy internet has been a HUGE part of my life for the past 10 years and I can't give it up.

  9. Bite my tongue and not speak my mind - again would be nice if I could but I wouldn't be able to do it, I'm far to opinionated.

  10. Spend a night alone in a truly creepy place - like a dark forest, or a "haunted house".

  11. I wouldn't steal it either...

  12. I wouldn't reveal all my secrets on national TV or in my mother's living room for that matter.

  13. I would never go on a sensationalist show such as Moment of Truth and destroy my marriage and let down my family to win money that will never buy back the love I might throw away.


pessimisticredhead said...

I can't BELIEVE the people on that freaking show. Shameless.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

See, that's me. The whole reason I'd never make it on a reality show is because I'm just not willing to do any of this stuff.
I've only seen the previews for that show and it makes me shake my head.
Great TT.