Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wicked Wednesday - The big FU

Today's edition of Wicked Wednesday contains a few things I want to get off my chest:
  • First of all a big FU to Frontier for the DSL being out yet again. As I settled in to watch The Biggest Loser last night and spend the two hours actually being productive on work projects, the DSL went out and never came back on.

  • Second of all an even bigger FU to NationalGrid for ruining my morning and effectively my entire day. It goes something like this - crawl out of bed, groggy and cranky, let the dog out and try not to kick him just because, drag ass into the bathroom and reach to turn on the shower when POW - electric goes out, it is 6:30am. I wait, patiently thinking it will come right back on. But no - at 7:00am still no power - I call my mom and dad 1.4 miles down the road - maybe I can shower there? Nope - they have NO POWER. So I got dressed and figured a little deoderant and a squirt of perfume and I'm fine - just having a very bad hair day. I get my things and go out to my car get in and stupidly push the button for the garage door. Of course it DOESN'T OPEN! LOL Hubby releases the latch for me opens the door and closes it behind me. I'm off. It's now halfway through my day and my scalp is itching and I'm not scratching cause that will make my already bedhead hair look greasy. It's torture! Thanks a lot National Grid!

  • And finally a big ole THANKS to my customer who can't make up their mind. I have now run and re-run and re-run again this job - and yep right now I am once more running it for the 4th time. Don't worry about it, I have nothing better to do, really!
So there it is, my Wednesday so far and it's only noon. I hope your days are going better dear friends!


verybadcat said...

Yuck. Yuckity yuck yuck yuck.

I just dropped my car off for brakes. I'm either $160 stupid or $310 stupid. Update at 4.


Shieldmaiden96 said...

Your Wednesday just like my Tuesday! I raise a virtual margarita to you and drink it with you in solidarity. And imagine we each have a virtual basket of warm tortilla chips and our own salsa for dipping. With fajitas to follow.
(Binge daydreams are calorie free! Whoo hoo!)