Friday, March 14, 2008


I have had a great week. I made a decision about my career. Spring is coming and the evidence is everywhere (Canadian Geese flying over heading north today!). And it's Friday afternoon at 4:15pm and I am getting my hair cut and colored tonight! Tomorrow night we are going out for dinner and live music and pool and general debauchery and fun. Hubby had a job interview at the state today and it went well! He may become one of those "state workers" soon and I'm all for it!

I got to put RBT in his place this week too - it was subtle but effective and great fun! Can't wait to see his face when the news of my promotion to the database team leaks out. I have been here exactly 5 months so it's a very fast rise (most people get promoted at 1-2 years). It will irk him to no end that I will be his equal in status around here.

And the karma thing - old job - the devil woman boss? Well news on the street is she has been demoted! LMAO - and the company is in such dire trouble that there will be no profit sharing this year and there were no raises either. It's a slowly sinking ship, and I'm gleeful about it. If that is wrong, I don't wanna be right!

And - in two weeks from now I will be heading to Florida where I will gleefully ride this:
I can't wait! Warmth, no snow, roller coasters, me and hubby bonding, it will be great!



Can I hate you now for the fact YOU are going to Florida and I am not? Is that wrong of me to say? LOL

Linda D. in Seattle

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Yayyyyy! It's great to see everything on the upswing for you. You totally deserve it.

And PICTURES!!! Before and after for the hair baby.

VE said...

I've been on that coaster...very fun!