Saturday, March 1, 2008

Never Say Goodbye...

There is a nice theme going around the blogsphere about music that inspired us from our youth. For me the one album that stands out from my teenage years as really moving my angst ridden teenage soul as nothing ever had was Slippery When Wet from Bon Jovi. I still love every single one of these songs but the ones that really moved me then were Living on a Prayer and Never Say Goodbye. I am still a big fan of power ballads from rock bands in general and Bon Jovi in particular.

I remember listening to my pink dual cassette boombox radio for any of these songs to play on the radio and rushing to hit record to capture the songs I loved so much. My mother would never have let me buy a rock album so I had to do it covertly. I think I even taped some of these by holding my boom box up to a juke box at a campground that summer! LOL I'd turn up the radio and sing my heart out everytime I heard it on the radio while driving alone.

It said everything I felt about my first love, the guy who captured my heart first when I was 13 and held it until I was 16. I knew when I went to his graduation that summer that once he went to college I would lose him, but I sang Never Say Goodbye and prayed I was wrong. I wasn't wrong.

During the summer of 1986 I told my parents I was staying at Stacey's house and we snuck off to SPAC to see Bon Jovi. Then in December 2005 Bon Jovi came to Albany and my sister and I poufed up our hair, rolled up our jeans, and rocked out to all the old classics! (just kidding about the hair and jeans) It wasn't the same though, I now know that no matter what you always do say goodbye to people that you love. Yet these songs still make me feel young and alive!

Thanks to Verybadcat and Jen for inspiring me to do this post!



Hey Hey!

I just found you (and now you must hide!) from your comment on my blog...great read here...especially the one of "confessions" to your parents. Mind if I come back now and then???

Linda D. in Seattle AKA BrainCheese

Jennifer McKenzie said...

I hear you. I LOVED LOVED LOVED The Police when I was in High School but when I bought one of their CDs in my thirties it just wasn't the same for some reason.
Though it did bring back memories.
*starts singing*


Maxie said...

I loveeeeeed Livin on a Prayer. I still rock out to it at the gym :-)

verybadcat said...

I love some classic Bon Jovi. Great theme, huh?

Tricia said...

How sad am I that you call it classic and it was actually brand new when I was 16! :) AHHHHH this is why I feel old!