Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Countdown to Florida...

Four days (including today) until we leave for a very short trip but much needed vacation to Florida!

Things I still need to do:
  • LAUNDRY - so we have clean clothing to wear in Florida
  • Find summer clothes and shoes in boxes in basement
  • Try on summer clothes to make sure the stuff fits
  • Decide that current sandals are not going to work and go buy a new pair (maybe I'll just preempt this and go buy a new pair at lunch today
  • Get a pedicure - absolutely necessary - likely scenario involves me giving myself a pedicure on Thursday night though instead of going to get one and wasting an entire lunch hour.
  • Narrow down piles of clothing to appropriate amount to pack for a 4 day 3 night trip.
  • Actually pack the bag
  • Pack husband's bag - yes I know he should be able to do this himself but if I don't do it he'll go to Florida without packing extra undies and socks in case of emergency
  • Vacuum the floors in my house because my parents are coming over to care for the beasts while we are gone and I don't want them to see the floors in their current hairy state.
  • Mop up muddy dog prints in the kitchen - just because.
I'm really going to need that vacation once I get this list accomplished!

But I'm going to be here:
And I'm sure to sample the lovely Margarita's at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville!

It's a short trip but I'm planning on it being a great one!


pessimisticredhead said...

So jealous. Good luck getting everything done and have a safe and fun trip!

verybadcat said...

I know; getting ready for vacation is so stressful, and when you're exhausted and at your limit, your hubby will look at you and say "why are you so stressed out? We're going on *vacation*!". Try not to poke his eye out when he does that.

Have fun! I would so take the time to get a pedicure vs. giving yourself one!

Tricia said...

LOL - you nailed it Cat! He will not understand why I am running around like a mad woman Thursday night and Friday morning. :) I'll try to remember that if I kill him it will ruin my vacation!

Meghan said...

Niiiice. Have fun and send postcards from Margeritaville

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Getting ready to go is the tough part! The being there is awesome.
Have a GREAT TIME!!!!
You are going to blog while you're down there, right?

Tricia said...

Well we do have free internet access in our hotel BUT I was thinking about leaving the laptop home - it's only 3 days afterall...