Monday, March 24, 2008

Manic Monday Musings

So my Xavier Muskie's pulled it out and are on to the Sweet Sixteen - yippee! I'm rooting for them to go all the way although that is probably unrealistic. But enough about basketball.

Easter Weekend - we had plans to spend the afternoon at my sister's house with my whole family and there was going to be an easter egg hunt for my 4.5 year old nephew and lots of family time and a spiral sliced ham (which I LOVE). But Saturday I got a call from my sister - Easter is canceled because my mom and dad both had bad colds and didn't feel up to it and even worse, my brother-in-law was suffering from some stomach malady that might be viral in nature and probably transmitted by the boy. So we were in no way willing to risk stomach bug or flu bug so we spent the entire weekend at home alone.

One exception - we went out Saturday night to Outback Steakhouse. We got there at 8:30pm and they were still packed so we sat at the bar. About 1/2 way through our meal a nice old lady wearing far too much old lady perfume came and sat next to us. My sinuses were not happy but she was very nice so I tried not to hold it against her. As we were getting ready to leave hubby went outside first to have a cig (he does not smoke in my car) and she told him to drive careful as he left. He laughed and pointed at me - said tell that to her. So I told the old woman that he doesn't drive much unless he has to because he has MS. She seemed shocked - said "you'd never know it". Well of course not - he was sitting down the entire time. The only way you'd know is if you watched him try to walk more than a few steps. I'm not sure if she thought he should be a drooling idiot because he has MS or not? Maybe she hasn't got a clue what it is? Anyway I set her straight! LOL

And today - Bad News, VERY BAD NEWS - My friend "T" who only started here two weeks ago decided that she couldn't handle the drive and being so far away from her kids school during the day. She only gave it two weeks but she talked to the devil woman on Friday and they said they would bring her back into her old job, same salary, same vacation time, etc. So today she told her boss that she was sorry but she didn't think it was going to work and she didn't want to drag it out any longer and waste more of their time and resources. He was upset but understanding and she left at lunchtime today. I am so bummed - I was so glad to have her here. And I wish she'd gone anywhere else other than back to the DEVIL WOMAN. I'm sure she thinks she has won! I told "T" good luck but that I'd rather scratch out my own eyes than go back there. To each his own I guess.

That's about it for this edition of Manic Monday. *sigh* I'm seriously bummed.


verybadcat said...

Oh, that sucks about T. I'm sure you all but offered to pay her gas. :) I wish Drama Girl would have a similar revelation, but I really do believe she's staying just to torture me at this point.

Sorry about your Easter weekend. I laid about all weekend, eating Easter candy and repotting houseplants.


Some of my best friends have MS...LOL Sorry, throw back line to the 70's! (when some of my best friends were "black" LOL)

Linda D. in Seattle