Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I've been added to the Carnival of MS Bloggers

Hoping those suffering from the disease don't mind that I'm on the list since I've never had a single symptom but I do suffer along side a man who has a lot of them! Most of the time my posts have to do with fighting the battle as an advocate for my husband. Sometimes I'm whining about what the MS has taken away from him and thus from me and our marriage. But I'm in this for the long haul - it didn't sneak up on me by surprise as it does most people - I knew he had MS when I met him and when I married him. Of course I had hoped he was going to be one of the lucky ones with few attacks and only minor symptoms. But that was not to be the case - and so the "in sickness" part of the vow comes into play. I had also hoped that his ailments would be physical only - but they weren't and now we get to the "for worse" part of the vows. But through it all there are more good days than bad and I love him dearly and most days I think he feels the same way!

So for more information about Carnival of MS Bloggers and to find other blogs to read - click here!
I am going to add a new side-bar with my favorite MS Bloggers and after seeing this list it will probably grow quickly as I have time to read.



Your husband is a very fortunate man to have found love with you. I met my sweetie just before the real diagnosis process started with my MS (although I had had severe optic neuritis 5 years previously). He has been there by my side the whole way with understanding and encouragement. Spouses of those with MS are special and to be treasured. Thank you for sharing.

verybadcat said...

Wahoo! And, I can't really believe that you aren't sure you belong on an MS blog list- you may not have it, but you sure as hell live it, with style and grace, I might add. :)