Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Things you see in a small town...

So far I really am enjoying my new job - I am out and about 95% of my time in my car driving from business to business asking for advertisements. My success rate is low but I'm just starting out and many of these people will make me do face time - I will have to see stop in to see them week after week after week before I may be rewarded with their advertising. I can handle that.

So in my travels the last two weeks here are some strange things I've seen:
  • A man with a fishing pole sitting on a bench on main street, as I walked by he winked at me and I said "catch anything?" and laughed - his reply "maybe - you are the first nibble I've had all day" LOL!
  • Today was 75 degrees out - a beautiful sunny warm fall day - there was the lady in the down parka walking along main street.
  • A few days ago saw a guy mopping the sidewalk in the middle of the bridge over the river, no water or bucket just him and a mop swirling it around on the concrete. Weird.
  • There is the guy who drives his riding lawnmower around town, have seen it parked at the bank, the diner, the grocery store, yep AWESOME!
  • And today I saw a woman in a motorized wheelchair laden down with bags of laundry and a basket of laundry in her lap, she could hardly see around it all as she drove up main street toward the laundromat.
Yes you indeed see some very odd sights in small towns.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It was an up and down kinda week...

I started my new job on Wed - UP, but my husband didn't get to to go his adaptive sports lunch because it was on Wed and he decided not to drive himself - DOWN (good he didn't drive himself but sad I couldn't take him).

On Thursday - Day 2 of the new job and only a 5 hour day - UP, after a nap went to restaurant for shift and had a great night - UP. Friday at 6:30am alarm ringing - DOWN!

Husband scheduled an appointment on Thursday next week which is not a day I can manage to take off work so I arrange for my parents to take him. He pitches a royal fit about not wanting to be dependent on my parents for anything. I tell him he's an ass and then tell my parents I may not need them as I want to go with and am going to try and reschedule his appointment. But I can't -so Friday my husband concedes that when the appointment can't be moved he can let my parents drive him.

Friday night at the restaurant - sucky. DOWN :(

Saturday - spent the evening with my nephews - they are so cute and happy and full of life - BIG UP!

Sunday - slept in, laundry, made beef stew - UP. Felix the cat is sick - poor Felix - DOWN.

Starting week 2 of the new job tomorrow and now I'm on my own - so time to show what I can do. UP!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just a quick update...

I got the job - 32 hours a week, flexible hours/days, base salary covers what I made from unemployment, mileage is paid, commission on sales made too, I am super hopeful and ready to get started next Wed is my first day!

Had a great night at the restaurant tonight - made up for not making a great deal last night - lots of great tippers tonight made me $22 an hour while I was there - AWESOME!

Tomorrow - off to Six Flags - hoping for a GREAT day with friends and hubby.

Goodnight interwebs - things are looking up a bit.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Having a better week...

Have had one job interview (for a job I did not get) on Wed and another on Friday for a job I hope to get still.

Husband has not mentioned moving to Ohio once this week.

Saturday we are going to Six Flags with some friends and taking the kids from our youth group band. Sunday we are spending the day with our friends who are part of the youth group band/leadership group. Sunday night we are back to youth group at 6pm and my good friend who is the youth minister and I will be making pizza for the kids all afternoon while my husband and her husband will be playing XBox and doing things boys do. :)

Hopefully I will soon be back to work - the job I am interviewing for tomorrow is one that I did 18 years ago and at that time was too young, too insecure, too green to really do well. But now? I can kill this job - I have more skills, more confidence, more people skills, and I will be able to relate to people as a peer and not as some kid right out of school. :) It is 32 hours a week mostly on the road locally and flexible so will fit my life much better than full time 8-5 in an office.

So here's hoping that soon I will be employed again and that things continue an upward trend.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm going to pretend nothing is happening here...

that is what my husband does when he does not want to answer a question or face the music - he pretends he didn't hear it or didn't do it, etc.

So I'm pretending that he isn't trying to force me to do what he wants.

His latest is that he can't drive after dark. So he's trapped at home with darkness coming earlier and earlier each day. But you can bet if he ran out of cig's he'd drive after dark to go get them - just not to come for dinner while I'm at work. It's okay I can keep up this game for awhile.

When he starts to really push and insist we list the house is when it will have to come to harsh reality. I have to wonder if I force him to choose which he would choose? I mean he is trying to force me to choose. So will he choose his mom or me? And does she really want him full time? I know the answer to that NO SHE DOES NOT!

It may be time to have a heart to heart with his mom and let her know my bottom line. If he's coming to Dayton he's coming without me and he will be her responsibility. She may start encouraging him to stay put.

But until his VA claim is settled - if it's in his favor - there is no way he can afford to go so now I find myself hoping the VA continues to drag it's collective feet.