Saturday, December 3, 2011

Betrayal Hurts...

Even when it comes from people who are not especially important to you.

A girl I have worked with for the past 2 years who I considered at least a friend/acquaintance  got herself into some trouble with the boss and ended up quitting to be dramatic but the boss wouldn't let her back out of it so she is truly done.  In her final scenes at the restaurant she threw everyone she ever worked with under the bus in a pathetic attempt to prove the place could not survive without her.

After 2 years of being nice to my face it's interesting to hear what she had been saying behind my back and how she hates me most of all.  Nice.

She's only 21 and has a ton of growing up to do, and I really don't care what she thinks of me (I could be her mother) but still a little disconcerting to find out how two faced she really is.

Ah well at least my workplace is now drama free and I have more hours each week to pad my paychecks.