Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Getting excited...

I moved into this house 7 years ago this month.  For 7 long years I have HATED the giant overgrown bushes that lined the front of my house.  I have tried to trim them back to no avail they take over no matter what, they hang over the sidewalk and in the winter the weight of snow on them causes them to completely cover the sidewalk.  Well they are GONE!  Cut down, hauled away and GONE!  I am so excited.  Also gone are all the weeds, the old mulch the ripped and torn old canvas ground cover that was supposed to stop the weeds.

I have a fresh canvas to plant new bushes, trees, flowers.  I have about 40-50 feet in length by 6 feet in depth to plant fresh new beautiful things.  I am hoping to hit up some nurseries for 50% off and 75% off flowering bushes that I can plant now and enjoy in the spring.

I owe it all to the guy who is working for me - he is a hard worker and doing a great job so far.

I cannot wait to see what it is going to look like when I get it done.  :)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Summer is Ending

This makes me very sad.  I am looking at my swimming pool knowing I should close it soon and really don't want to.  I'm hoping for a few more warm days to swim.  Praying really.

Recently I hired a semi-homeless guy from town to do some major gardening projects for me and I'm paying him in food, transportation and cash.  I say I guess that proves I'm a republican, if I was a democrat I'd just give him cash and not expect anything in return.

Speaking of politics...  I cannot wait for this election to be over.  4 years ago I really did not use Facebook or know anything about it, now I partially run my business on Facebook BUT am so tired of all the political posts and I have friends who are polar opposites to each other so I am getting both sides and sometimes bickering on my page when I post what I think is a funny photo but others see as a highly charged political statement.  Eh, whatever.

And with that I close this very brief, not very well thought out blog update.  Still working on inspiration I guess.