Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sad tonight...

Something happened while at the super bowl party at my work tonight.  I'm not sure what.  My husband was hanging out with some people who were customers, and they seemed to be getting on famously.  They chatted for hours and then he said something that offended them.  I don't know what it was.  But they left, they had planned to stay through the game but they left around the end of the 3rd quarter and went home.  The husband came back to get a pizza they had ordered to go and I tried to apologize (even though I did not know what was said) and I tried to explain that my husband has dementia and is mentally ill.  This man was like a stone, he told me I just want my pizza and he walked out.

I went in the bathroom and cried.  And I cried on the way home (we had driven separately so husband does not know I cried).  And I'm crying now.

I don't know why this situation has me so upset, but it does.  I don't like that he hurt strangers with his words, and I don't like that they were angry with me too by association.  And I feel like maybe I'm going to have to start keeping him away from the public or expect to do a whole lot more apologizing.