Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wasting my education...

I know many people think I'm wasting my education and my talents by working part time as a waitress.  I know my husband really thinks I should be making use of my master's degree and making a boatload of money.  And yet I am happy not having a "career" right now.  I'm able to make some money, visit with people while they are out having a good time, and available to take him to appointments and go camping and take a 7 day cruise.  I'm able to stay up late and sleep in.  To mow the lawn on Monday morning (after sleeping in of course) rather than getting up at the crack of dawn and driving an hour or more to a stress filled day.

Granted I need to do more with my life - I'm working on getting my home based marketing consulting business going.  And yet ambitious I am not, not at all.

It's weird, so not where I envisioned myself when I was working hard to earn that MBA and now that it is just a very expensive piece of paper framed on my wall, I still know that it was a great thing for me at the time and that I have no desire to take on the kind of long hours, high stress job that come with the title of MBA.

I'm perfectly fine being called "waitress" and I don't mind hearing "miss, could I have more coffee?"  With it comes more serenity than I ever imagined possible.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall has arrived...

And I am NOT happy about it.  It's cold out there and I want more summer.  :(  August was a weird month, only hot the first weekend, wet and rainy, temps in the 70's, not at all like August.  I never got into my swimming pool ONCE in August and I'm so bummed.  Now it is downright freezing - frost warning overnight and temps around 40 when I woke up.  I have to close my pool and that depresses me to no end.  :(

The upside to fall is I probably only have to mow a few more times as the cold nights stop the grass from growing and once we have a real frost it will be done for good. 

Time to get into fall mode I guess, sweaters, jeans, boots, apple picking, leaves changing, bonfires, I guess I can do this. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My baby is growing up!

This is Max - 2 weeks ago when he had just come home from being neutered at 6 months old. My tiny little boy is now 60lbs and no longer a "real boy"!  LOL  

Realized it's been awhile since I've posted, been very negligent of this blog.  Time to change that - so many things to do now that fall is here. 

So I blacked out the other day..

Was in a doctor's office when it happened, not my doctor. My MIL's doctor. Not sure why or what happened but was standing near my MIL as he was asking her questions and checking her when I started to feel funny, then dizzy and then I decided I had to sit down and the floor was my only option so I sat.

At this point the doctor notices and asks if I'm okay I say I feel dizzy and just need to sit. Then I'm feeling queasy and both hot and cold and the black starts to creep in from the edges. I am seeing in a small tunnel in front of me and sounds are muffled and then black until something horrible is shoved under my nose (ammonia) and I start to come back out of it.

No idea why this happened. My MIL said I was white as a sheet. Her doctor had me lay back and put a cold wet cloth on my head. Within 5 minutes I was fine.

The thing I find odd is I passed out in a doctor's office and they didn't do a damn thing about finding out why? Didn't take my blood pressure or listen to my heart. Asked if I had eaten (I had) and didn't take a blood sugar to see what caused it. Now granted I was not his patient and not there to see him but don't you think he should have done more? I would have gladly turned over my insurance card if he wanted to bill it.

At the time I didn't think about it much but my sister was incensed that they did nothing to figure out why I just keeled over like that.

Anyway I see my own doctor in a week and a half for a regular appt. Will be getting bloodwork done next week first. Will be sure to mention it to her and nothing has happened like that since.

Right before it happened my MIL had been showing her doctor a sore on her leg that was about the size of a quarter and all black and blue. I am not at all uneasy about stuff like that. I had seen the same sore earlier that day when she changed the bandage. I have seen MUCH worse things. Blood does not gross me out. I think her doctor did not believe me and figured I just passed out at the sight of blood. It definitely was NOT that.

Oh well - no problems since and felt fine to drive my MIL back home after the appt. Very strange feeling though.