Monday, October 26, 2009

Random thoughts...

  • I've been so busy since I haven't been working that I am not sure how I ever managed to fit a full time job in between all the stuff that keeps me busy these days. Between babysitting, volunteering for the church, and work around the house I'm so busy!

  • Hubby's VA claim remains in limboland (not to be confused with zombieland, it is much scarier in limboland) the latest is that the claim file is due back to the regional office the first week in December and until it comes back from the processing black hole there is nothing else they can tell us. Cashed in yet another 401K to fund November and December. *sigh*

  • I love the part time gig at the restaurant, but my feet don't love it at all. Had to spend some of the profits to outfit the feet in more appropriate style - a pair of KLOGS did the trick and my feet thank me over and over! :)

  • My mom hosted a Celebrating Home party for me on Sunday - it was a great party but only got one booking and that is my sister - not sure how that party will turn out but hoping. I need to book more parties or this thing is just a waste of my time and money. I have another friend who has promised to hold a party BUT her life circumstances right now prevent her from doing it. She says she will when she gets things back to normal. I hope it's soon for her sanity sake and my business sake. :(

  • A former website client came crawling back after his new provider started to nickel and dime him. A bit of satisfaction on my part and a nice bit of change for the work. Quick deadline though - I set my deadline as Nov 6th. I want this done so I can bill it and get the cash and well he just wants it DONE!

  • I sent out resumes this week - applied through online sites for 5 positions. Several of these are jobs I am uniquely qualified for, if I was the hiring manager and saw my resume come through I'd have called or emailed back right away. No one did. *sigh*

  • I started this post hours ago and walked away - coming back to say goodnight. Hoping for a bright tomorrow. :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

And the nice husband lasted 2 days...

Then I went to babysit my nephews for 2 days so my sister and her husband could go out and stay at a hotel and be alone for their 10th anniversary. My husband got upset that they didn't come home first thing in the morning and got more pissed as the day went on. He said he was mad because he thought they were taking advantage of me. He kept calling me, and yelling at me because they weren't home. Said he wanted to spend some time with his wife but really he wanted me to come home so he wouldn't have to cook his own dinner or feed the animals, as usual when he says he's just sticking up for me it's really about him and my being nice to someone else inconveniencing him.

And to add to it he's got a cold - well of course that means he is dying. When I have a cold I still do everything I normally do. I do the laundry, the dishes, feed the animals, feed him. When he has a cold he sits on his ass and moans. It is very much like this:

So enjoy. I'm ignoring him when I can and I refuse to get sucked into a fight no matter how hard he tries. I just ignore him when he's being an ass and mutter under my breath when he leaves the room.

Hoping some Nyquil and a few more days of rest and he'll be back to semi-normal.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last night of my vacation...

Hubby is coming home tomorrow. 8 nights and 9 days apart have been good for us, good for me! I actually miss him and am looking forward to seeing him again tomorrow night. :) I know he's eager to come home and misses me a lot too.

His vacation hasn't been quite as good as mine. He's staying in someone else's home, someone who does not have the same standards of cleanliness as we do. I do not consider myself a good housekeeper. I hate cleaning, HATE! But that being said the worst thing about my house is some dust and the endless battle with dog and cat hair. At their house the shower is growing things, the kitchen is a scary place, and their dogs crap all over the place so you have to watch where you walk.

Add to that there was a gas line break and they had no hot water for days so he had to go shower at a friend's house that was even worse! Also he thinks he got athlete's foot from someone so we'll need to treat that ASAP when he gets home and if I get it I'm going to be super angry.

He's going to be super happy to see me and come home to our clean house, clean shower, clean fresh sheets, and a nice dinner. Yep I think he will appreciate me again for awhile at least.

Friday, October 9, 2009

As promised - my singing debut (well at least here)...

Wednesday night was our first youth group meeting - we call the youth group SHIN3 Live and the kids seemed to have a great time. They all arrived eager and ready to go at 6pm, spent 30 minutes playing video games, ping pong, board games and talking to friends. They were drinking coffee, hot cocoa, and eating donuts and cookies and mingling. We had music playing in the background and a big countdown on the screen. Then at 6pm as the countdown runs down the worship team takes the stage, the kids all get in their seats and we begin with this:

There are 2 more songs following this one, a 20 minute message by the youth minister that was very good and then we ended with this song:

I am the one all the way to the right, and yes in the last song that is me singing solo as we open up.

I'm working on uploading the rest of the videos in the middle to YouTube and if you are interested you can find them there over the next day or two as it takes awhile to upload.

Enjoy and be kind! :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

And plans change again...

My aunt has postponed her trip because her dog has an eye infection and needs 3X a day meds and has to wear a cone collar and so can't use her doggy door so someone will have to be there to let her out, also has to go back to the vet on Wed and my aunt felt this was too much to ask of a dog sitter and so she changed her flights and will be coming for Thanksgiving instead.

This means that the 8 days that my husband will be gone to visit his friends are once again ALL MINE! No house guest, as much as I'd like to see her I really am looking forward to some blissful alone time and now I get it again! WOOT!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's the little things...

Today I spent some time downloading video and uploading it to YouTube for the band I am singing with - yep I said I'm singing with a band! Okay so it's a worship band for a 2X a month catholic youth group but it's been fun working with the group and I love to sing. This is a first for me though - prior to this my singing has been limited to singing in church, with piano or guitar accompaniment or to a soundtrack and the occasional late night karaoke mistake with friends. This band is the real thing - drums, electric guitars, bass guitar, keyboard player, and 4 vocalists. And we aren't half bad!

The video I uploaded today was from an early practice, it is not polished and not suitable for human consumption yet and was more for me to figure out how to get video off my camera and onto YouTube.

I did have one plus to viewing this video - I found that I don't look nearly as disgusting on tape as I was sure I would! :) I mean the camera add's at LEAST 10 lbs right?

I'm not going to share the video yet - after our first live performance next Wed - Oct 7th I will be happy to share that one with you all if interested.