Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A dollar and a dream...

I live in NY - we participate in Mega Millions a multi state lottery. Tonight the drawing is $102,000,000.00 the cash option is $67,000,000.00 what I couldn't do with that!

I may have to stop on my way home with my dream and my dollar (or maybe $5) and think of all the lovely things I'd do if I won! First thing would be to quit my job and travel the world! Then who knows.

It's nice to dream sometimes.


Maxie said...

Good luck! Throw me a couple hundred (thousand) if you win :-)

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Oh, I know! It's always so tempting!
But then I see shows that follow those lottery winners.
It never seems to be a happy ending. Divorce, bankruptcy and all kinds of other yucky things seems to be their fate.
I'd rather be poor and happy. BUT I hope you win. I'll bet you're one who wouldn't screw it up.

Tricia said...

I didn't win 120million on Friday. I don't know if I'd screw it up or not. I'd certainly try to stay out of the public eye. The thing is I don't think I'd buy a new house even - just finish the things I wanted to do with mine. Take some vacations, relax a little, spread it out a bit to family and then find something to do with my life.

Rhea said...

I always fantasize about winning the lottery. I did win $1,200 once.