Friday, February 8, 2008

TGIF - Friday Ramblings

Who knew I had so much to say? When I started this blog I figured I might post once a week and here I am pouring myself out at least once a day. Ah well I always did like to talk (or ramble, whatever).

So clearly there is some weird force at work in my universe this week. Good work week, freaky lying husband problem, and now lovey, dovey husband. Just got another email that says "I LOVE YOU! =)" and while I laughed I also wonder - hmmmm what did he do? He did this once before, it was while he was unemployed and I was working full time and going to school full time. I had no time for him and he got it in his head that I was going to leave him for someone better and he turned it up a notch. All of a sudden he was romantic and sweet and loving. This feels a lot like that. This time though he was closer to the mark, there is no one else but he had been such a jerk at times that I had fantasized about living alone in an apartment with my cat again and how nice that might be.

Whatever it is I'm likely to have a very good valentines day if this keeps up.

Other rambling thoughts. I went grocery shopping at lunch today - I love when I can do this because it saves me a few hours of time on Saturday or Sunday in the supermarket. I love watching people in the grocery store though - even when I'm in a hurry I notice the crazies, people walking up and down the aisles talking to themselves are funny. People who are too timid to say "excuse me" and others who are too rude to bother and just push people out of their way. The crazy woman who will wait for 5 minutes while I put my groceries in the back of my SUV, taking cold stuff out and putting it in the cooler I keep in the back. Then I always put my cart back where it belongs - hate lazy people who just leave them. So this woman is sitting there through all of this and I notice her so I really start taking my time. I get in my car, get situated, take a drink of my soda, put my wallet back in my purse, and finally I back out and she's still there. I think she waited 8-10 minutes by the time I pulled out. Is it really that important to park 100 feet closer that you will wait 10 minutes to do it? I was 1/2 way up the lot too - not right up front.

My mom and dad are coming over for dinner tomorrow night. I'm making lasagna and breadsticks with salad, and then after dinner we are bowling on the Wii! :)


Maxie said...

Hope you had fun playing wii! I really want to get one...but I'm worried that I'll play with it for a couple of months and then get bored of it. how long have you had yours?

Meghan said...

OMG! This explains so much that was previously a mystery! LOL I almost always walk or bike to grocery store so it doesn't matter now anyway, and I never would actually wait five minutes for what I thought were the slow as molasses idgits who can't just efficiently put their things in their car and GET GONE -- but I have marveled at people who take that long to pull out after arriving at their cars with their purchases! LOL! Of course, it never occurred to me they'd have to switch out cold things due to a long commute, this and that. I only go shopping at lunch if it's few enough cold things I can put them in the frig at work. When I have experienced it, it's always women, so I always thought it was related to the phenomenon of many women taking forever and a day to finish in a crowded bathroom while the men's line is always short. Can you explain what those women are doing too? LOL!

Jennifer McKenzie said...

You know, sometimes I think you're so much like me it's weird.
I TOTALLY would do that to someone waiting for a parking place. LOL.
Hope you had a great dinner with your folks.
Off to read the post about your hubby. Sounds like you DESERVE a good Valentines day.