Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen... confessions to my parents

These are 13 things that my parents still don't know about my life - and some of them, if they found out today they'd be angry like it just happened today, others might just make them sad:

  1. In the 2nd grade I really did try to kiss "WM" on the playground, I didn't just slip and fall on him with my lips as I told you then. I suspect you know this one though.

  2. At my 8th birthday party I blamed the sand fight on "L" but really it was me that threw that first handful.

  3. When I was 11 I started sneaking mom's books off the shelf, you can thank Sidney Sheldon and other trashy novelists for my very early sex and seduction education - you'll be thankful to know I didn't actually put my knowledge to practice for many, many, many years.

  4. That summer I did the 4-H exchange program with some kids in NJ? I was 13 I think, well it's a miracle I survived those 2 weeks, the family I was put with was very lenient with their kids and we spent a week at their county fair and all we did from the time the parents left around 7pm until they came back in the morning was drink, I don't remember much about that week.

  5. That same year I went to 4H Congress - you gave me strict orders that I was not allowed to go to the dance (gasp, might offend someone at church). I told you I didn't go - but I totally did and ironically the DJ played a lot of music from the movie Footloose. Mom I bet you still don't know why that is ironic. :)

  6. Mom, when I was 14, you left me alone in the truck one day and I searched through the glovebox. I found the letter you wrote to dad telling him to get his shit together or he was going to lose us all. I read every word and was scared at how close my family had come to being divided. I realized that you were stronger than I ever gave you credit for. I put it back and started to look at you with new eyes. Both of you.

  7. There was no deer - I just lost control of the car on icy roads and ended up in the ditch, I made up the deer so they wouldn't be mad.

  8. Sometimes when you thought I was "babysitting" I was really out with friends.

  9. Sometimes when I spent the night with "S" we really weren't at her house, we were out all night. In 1986 we went to Saratoga to see Bon Jovi during the Slippery When Wet tour. It's still the best concert I've ever been to!

  10. My sophomore year in college - when you thought I was spending the weekend with "J" in Dayton I hitched a ride to Ithaca NY and spent the weekend with "D" instead at his fraternity house.

  11. When I first moved to Cincinnati I acted brave, I told you I loved it there, I told you I had a great job and was making lots of friends. But the reality was I was barely making ends meet, lonely and very homesick. I didn't want you to worry about me.

  12. My husband was still married to his first wife when I met him. His divorce was final the day we moved in together. I told you he was already divorced, it was a lie.

  13. I told you I didn't want to have any kids. The truth is we can't have them, we tried and the problem is not me. :(
I didn't intend this to be a melancholy post but that is what it turned out to be.


Deutlich said...

Heh. I've certainly kept quite a bit from my parents.

Sure 'nuff.

cajunvegan said...

Oooooooooooh! So stealing this idea ... my 'rents need to know a few things too.

Check out my "stank" TT.

verybadcat said...

It wasn't all melancholy. :) I could come up with about 13 things my parents *do* know. The rest of what I say to them is meaningless platter and talking about them.

Have you though about adopting?

Kimberly said...

My sister and I actually sat down and did this with my mom over a bottle of white zinfandel. Maybe it was two. I don't know. We laughed a lot. 'Course, I also shared what I had 'left over' with my mom when I got back from a weekend seeing the Dead. (We smoked with our elbows on the kitchen windowsill and blew it out the screen.) So my mom is a completely different animal from my Dad, who does not and will never know many many things about me.

Kimberly said...

PS...once this befrigged weather is over, if ya ever want to do Ithaca again...I'll meetya, I'm only 70 miles away! (No frat houses though. I'm thinking shopping and lunch at the Moosewood. :)

Tricia said...

To Kimberly - I can't view your profile as it's set to private. So hopefully you will see this - but where are you? I'm a few hours from Ithaca these days closer to Albany, NY. :) When I hitched there from college I was in Ohio.

pessimisticredhead said...

This is a really good idea for a post. I may steal it. I LOVE that you went to see the Slippery When Wet Tour.

Maxie said...

I think everyone has pulled the "deer" trick.

Shieldmaiden96 said...

I think I just corrected my profile thing; here I thought it was public! Anyway, I live in Tioga County PA. Not so far away. I'm in New York all the time. In May I'm supposed to be going on a bus trip to Saratoga Springs...we could meet at Waterloo!