Friday, February 15, 2008

TGIF my friends... even better TFGIFF...

TFGIFF - well I added a few colorful words in there just for fun - you figure it out!

So another lovely conversation with RBT (rat bastard trainer) where he tells me that I need to be careful of groupings because "they" have noticed that we former employees of the devil woman seem to congregate together. This after "C" was in for his interview and I spent 10 minutes talking with him. That with 2 new friends coming on there would now be 5 of us and we should be careful because "they" were noticing.

So my question is who the fuck is "they"??? Is it the management? Because I would assume they are happy to have us or they'd stop hiring us in droves? Also if the grouping were an issue don't you think my boss might take it upon himself to warn me himself? Or even the VP who drops by to see how I'm doing every few weeks and with whom I have a meeting at 9:30 because he wants me to help him with a special project with one of our newer products? Surely if he were going to take the trouble to stop by and see how I was doing he'd mention it if I was doing something that was a problem?

Then RBT says that "they" are watching internet useage and I should be careful. He then proceeds to tell me that on Wednesday he was spoken to about being on the internet all day because he had streaming video of the congressional hearings running on his computer all day. So RBT was hogging up bandwidth and it was causing an issue with large file transfers. No one told me to turn off my internet or spoke to me about being on too much but RBT tells me to watch out and keep this in the back of my mind.

I have started saving his words of wisdom to share with my "group" so we can laugh about what a prick he is. I think "they" is him and one other woman who is his buddy. Maybe "they" should watch out? The devil's castoffs are going to take over this place! I'm sure that is what his biggest concern is - we might all make him look bad collectively!

UPDATE - post meeting with VP - friends I am pleased to tell you that my meeting with the VP took all of 10 minutes. He asked me to take on the responsibility to be the subject matter expert for one of our very newest products - a process that allows catalog merchants to match web based orders back to an actual catalog name that was mailed. This is something that is getting a lot of visibility and as more and more customers have been asking for this service they decided they needed a champion. Someone who could digest all the details, and customize each project based on customer business needs. Someone who was tech savvy but who could also present well. Someone who was well spoken and in general well liked. AND FRIENDS - THEY PICKED ME!!!!! (I wonder how RBT will take this news?)


verybadcat said...

Another cookie for you! It sounds like RBT just wants you to be paranoid and for some reason, fears your little group. I wouldn't worry about anything he says, especially if the VP is giving you the good assignments. :)

Tricia said...

Yep - RBT should fear my little group. We are all smart, hard working, and will make him look like the slacker he is!

After VP gave me sweet project, 2nd VP came by to set up some time to discuss. Then Pres stopped to thank me for taking it on and wondered if he could meet with me next Tuesday to go over goals & expectations.

I am being given a very high profile project! WooHoo! I know I will kick ass at this! :)

Meghan said...

Congrats on the new project, it sounds great!! As far as: "(I wonder how RBT will take this news?)" - my guess is that they, er, I mean, HE won't like it one bit! LOL