Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wicked Wednesday...

Not sure if this will be a regular feature or not. I just know that Wordless Wednesday is not within the scope of my capabilities. Wordless? I don't have Wordless days! Even if I posted a picture I'd have to comment.

Speaking of crazy forwards (from VBC's post yesterday) - this one was posted on an internet board I frequent recently with the headline:

Banned From Disneyland for Life
(Click on picture to see full size)
And I'm like "really?" why do people make up crazy stories about pictures? Look around people - they are wearing beads, the younger woman is drinking a HUGE ASS BEER, and the sign behind them says "TRICOU HOUS" a famous BAR on Bourbon Street in New Orleans! The minute I saw this picture I thought MARDI GRAS - not horrible exhibitionist bitches who need to be thrown out of Disneyland for terrorizing little children with their mouse breasts!

Other things that make me in a wicked mood today - SNOW - shitloads of snow! Okay so we got about 6-8" and then it turned to rain and now it's an ice rink out there. I wake up this morning and think "maybe I'll work from home rather than drive 52 miles one way on treacherous roads just to sit in my cube and do the same thing I could do from home?" So I emailed my boss to tell him this at around 7am and I proceed to start working a full hour and a half before I'm due at the office. Then my boss arrives at the office at 8:30 and emails me back to say "the roads are wet and a little slushy out this way but otherwise in pretty good shape, let me know what you are going to do." I took this to mean - GET YOUR ASS IN HERE. So I did - got here around 10:30 and not a single person has come to find me, ask me a question, or talk to me in any way since I got here (well I didn't exactly announce my arrival either) so I could be sitting on my couch with my laptop watching Oprah while I did this instead of worrying about my crazy drive home.

and now a WICKED WISH: I wish to be a fly on the wall in the office of my old department head at my old company tomorrow. Oh how I wish I could hear what goes down in there tomorrow - both "T" and "C" are giving notice tomorrow - she will be beside herself. Not sure if it will be anger, fear, desperation or a little bit of all three but for once that bitch is likely to show some emotion. These two will make for the 4th and 5th person to come to my new company in the past year. Is it wrong that I wish to watch her crash and burn? If it is I don't want to be right.

So there it is the first and maybe only episode of Wicked Wednesday - I'll see how I'm feeling next week.


verybadcat said...

I didn't think they sold Mickey bras at Disney......

Oh, and as far as your old company? I would sneak in and hide under her desk just to hear all of that go down. If that's wrong, then we can sit together in hell. :)

You know that they can't pressure you to drive in bad weather, right? That if your manager exerts any amount of pressure on you the company become liable for the safety of you and your vehicle, right? Because I am only allowed to say "okay, see you tomorrow." ONLY.

Tricia said...

Look closer - those are not bras... :) mickey nose pasties! LOL

Oh I'm sure my boss didn't mean it the way I took it. LOL I am super sensitive about stuff because he is such a non-communicator and of course RBT watches me like a hawk. I'm sure he meant - let me know what you decide and not GET IN HERE. I'm just paranoid! LOL

Deutlich said...

hahahaha.. those mickey mouse things are classic.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Is it bad that I'm dying to be a fly on that wall too?
You've got me all hooked. Bad Tricia. LOL.
Updates required you know.