Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm still dying... and to add insult to injury...

I woke up this morning to a broken furnace. :( It's 30 degrees outside this morning and 62 inside and falling. I was considering attempting to go to work today but now I need to stay home for the furnace guy.

I have no idea what's up with it, worked fine all day yesterday but today, nothing.

Wish me a cheap easy fix! The furnace is only 16 years old - certainly not ready for the furnace graveyard hopefully it's something inexpensive.


Jennifer McKenzie said...

Oh man!!!! I hear you. Ours broke and we can't get it fixed for another couple of weeks.
*crosses fingers* Hope you get a VERY cheap fix.
And warm nights. And lots of blankets.

Tricia said...

Well we live in upstate NY, we have a snowstorm starting right now and temps going to drop in the teens tonight so there is no way we could go a few weeks without it! Then we'd have to replace all our pipes too! YIKES!

So $309 later they are gone and I have heat again. Could be worse I guess, they say I really need a new furnace and we already had that quoted at $6800 so 300 I can manage for now.

Diesel said...

$309 isn't so bad. Glad you got it fixed. Upstate NY is no place to be without heat.

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