Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thirteen Reasons Why Valentines Day SUCKS ASS!

  1. Most men by their very nature are not ROMANTIC
  2. Women want men to be Romantic and Sweet - and most of the time they fail
  3. Restaurants are crowded or impossible to get into
  4. Flowers cost 3X their normal price just to rob those poor bastards who are trying to go against their nature and please the women in their lives
  5. Chocolate is everywhere - barely a month after we all made resolutions to drop this extra weight once and for all we now receive giant boxes of chocolates
  6. CHEAP CHOCOLATE - I can't stress this enough - if you are going to give her chocolate PLEASE don't buy the cheap no name nasty stuff that tastes somewhat like soap!
  7. People at the office wearing red today - normally I wear black but I forgot today but grey is close
  8. Sappy romantic movies on TV that make me cry (to see what I mean scroll down, see The Notebook clip, sob like a beaten child, understand.)
  9. Stupid guy on other side of cubicle wall has called his fiance around 50 times today to tell her how much he LOVES her. We get it, now shut up!
  10. People who buy valentines gifts for their pets. Come on isn't it enough that we do this to other humans? Do I really need to LOVE my dog that much! Although come to think of it my dog is a bit more romantic than my husband on the average day.
  11. Disappointment - with the exception of approx 3-4 years out of my 37 valentines days so far I have been sorely disappointed.
  12. People who pretend that Valentines Day is about something other than LOVE - my nephew's pre-k class is having "friendship day" and had to make handmade friendship cards for everyone. Really do 4 year olds need to celebrate this Holiday from Hell? Sure start out young with the disappointments.
  13. The reason why this Valentines Day sucks - my husband did not send me flowers at work, he has not planned a romantic dinner out, he bought me a funny card (and it's not even that funny) and a cheapo chocolate rose made from bad chocolate (at least he could have tried to get the DOVE one?)
I guess with the past year I should not be surprised, but 7.5 years into things it's official the honeymoon is over we are officially turning into our parents.


Jennifer McKenzie said...

I hate Valentine's Day. And I'm a romance writer.
It started with the "I hate you" Scooby Doo Valentines from boys in grammar school and hasn't gotten much better.
The Redneck has learned, though. He sent me flowers. I think he actually did it just because he loves me.
And I'm sure he got robbed royally.
I wish your hubby would wake up and smell the coffee honey.

Tricia said...

I hoped I'd come home and find he had redeemed himself. He had not. I cooked dinner, we ate together. I told him I was disappointed and he said why? Really 7.5 years of marriage and the very first year I have not gotten flowers and a mushy card. I think I'd feel better if he forgot altogether rather than halfass it. :(

Maxie said...

I hate how restaurants are so busy because it's my mom's birthday too... so it's impossible to take her somewhere nice.