Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The year was 1983...

My hair was feathered and sprayed with Aqua Net until there was no chance of movement. I had braces on my teeth, and glasses. My jeans were pinstriped with extreme pleats, baggy at the top and skinny at the ankles, but that was not enough I also folded the ankles in and rolled them up to peg them down and create a cuff. My shirt was a pink polo shirt with a fake alligator patch, my collar of course was up. I had on two pairs of socks pink over white and scrunched down. I was wearing a pair of brown rental roller skates, the ones with the big orange stopper on the front. The song playing was Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of The Heart, it was couples skate, ladies choice, the guy I had been making eyes at all evening seemed to looking back so I slowly started to skate toward him with the best come hither eyes a 13 year old can manage. Then it happened, my skate hit the edge of the carpet, I was falling, falling, forward. I landed hard on all fours, my hands rug burned, my pride bruised. I looked up to see the object of my affection and his friends laughing and pointing. at me of course. I got to my feet, and skated away as fast as I could. I spent the next hour in the bathroom in tears, then I turned in my skates and waited outside for my mom, the night ruined. MY LIFE RUINED!

I'm still clumsy like that. Today I tripped. on nothing. no one saw me. but it made me remember this horrible night 25 years ago. At least today I wasn't wearing ridiculous clothes and I didn't spend any time crying in the bathroom.

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verybadcat said...

Ha! The orange stopper! Were all rental skates made with huge orange stoppers?

I'm super clumsy too- I spent most of my rollerskating time on the outside edge of the rink, where it's easier to slink off to the bench or the bathroom with your tail between your legs. :)