Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday (not) in the park, I wish it was the fourth of July...

Friends it is cold out there today - brrrrrr cold. I have spent my day inside - doing laundry, messing around on the internet, then I did run out for groceries and froze off my ass doing it. Now I'm home and cozy warm in my living room wondering how I'm going to entertain myself for th next 3 or so hours until I go to bed. HMMMM - husband is being the ultimate lazy butt today and he has not showered so any thoughts of getting romantic are out unless he jumps in the shower first. Guess I'll do the ultimate nothing better to do activity - pop in a chick flick and give myself a pedicure and a manicure. It's been far too long since I've done the pedicure thing and I should have gone and gotten one but I can do it at home almost as well (it just doesn't feel as good).

Monday is President's Day and my lovely new company gives us that day as a holiday! Yippee, my sister is going to go with me and we will be heading up to Lake George to do some outlet shopping immediately following my annual boob smashing (yes my 2nd annual mammogram is scheduled for 8am Monday morning) just one of the many joys of "middle age". So at the outlet mall we will hit the Pfalzgraff outlet and see if there are any cool new pieces for our patterns. I love the Liz Claiborne outlet, and not sure what else is there but I'm sure I'll find plenty of places to spend money. My sister will be bringing my baby nephew with her as he is still nursing but that won't slow us down much as he is a joy to have around. Here is a pic from our family Christmas of me with my two nephews (thank goodness the 4 year old is NOT coming - he does not shop well!)
Here is one of me with just the baby where you can see his cuteness so much better:


Jennifer McKenzie said...

Have a great time shopping and PICTURES BABY of what you score.
Those pictures of you are GREAT.
Happy Boob Smashing!

Diesel said...

Man, when you call it a boob smashing, it sounds like so much fun. Where do I sign up?