Monday, February 11, 2008

Manic Monday - my weekend discoveries....

So this was a relaxing laid back weekend and here are some things I discovered:
  1. I rock at Wii tennis! Who knew since IRL I can't play tennis to save my life. Give me a Wii remote and I'm practically Anna Kournikova (okay so I look nothing like her but this is my fantasy right?)

  2. Roasting whole cloves of garlic in olive oil in your oven makes your whole house smell like garlic. I still smell it in my coat this morning. It tasted great in the lasagna but damn the stench is too much.

  3. Wii boxing is very hard - I suck at it! If it were real I'd be looking like my face was raw meat today. I don't think I'll try that again.

  4. Four month old babies may just be the sweetest creatures on the planet. Playing with a cooing, giggling, sweet baby boy was a highlight of my Sunday. Conversely 4.5 year old boys with too much energy and not enough discipline are a fantastic form of birth control. I love him too but I don't want to snatch him up and take him home with me like I do with the 4 month old.

  5. Wii bowling is great fun for the whole family (especially me since I am good at it! MUCH better than real bowling since there I usually end between 80 and 120 pins and in Wii bowling I hit 210 the other day). Saturday night a Wii bowling extravaganza with my mom, dad, me and hubby. I think we took turns winning and played until we were pooped then sat down at the table and played some good old fashioned board games.

  6. Even Oscar Winners like Hilary Swank are not immune from making bad movies now and again - The Reaping - case in point. Hilary is the only redeeming thing about this very bad cult movie. Don't waste your time is my advice.

  7. When the temperature goes from 38 degrees in the morning to 4 degrees by night time - I am probably going to get sick. Sure enough this morning a sore throat and a sinus headache are plaguing me. I hope it doesn't turn into the croupy cough mess I just finally got over.

  8. Newly minted happy adoring hubby survived the weekend. Maybe he really is going to stick around? Here's hoping.
Happy Monday everyone (that part for VBC) and hoping that you don't have a case of the Monday's.


verybadcat said...

Hey, thanks! :)

Everyone keeps raving about the Wii. I thought it looked a little crazy when they first came out, but now I'm curious.....

Here's hoping that happy go lucky hubby is sticking around for awhile...

Tricia said...

We love the Wii! But it's ridiculously expensive to get one now - there are none in stores and we got ours from ebay at an inflated price (of course). We've had it for a week so it's still very new but we are having a blast with it.

Shieldmaiden96 said...

Heh. I too have a nephew that I "love but...." as in, I love him but I'd like to put him in some sort of elementary school reeducation camp. His visits to me involve a LOT of hiking. He doesn't believe Aunt Kimmy can walk so far.