Thursday, February 14, 2008

In other news - why today was a good day even though v-day sucks...

At 11am this morning "T" gave her notice to the devil. The devil asked her what she could do to keep her, was it the job, the hours, the money? She said "YES" and said it was too late, she was spent and that this new job was giving her the job, the money and the hours she needed all with less stress. The devil was visibly saddened.

Then at 5pm this afternoon "C" stuck his head in the devil's office and asked if he could talk with her for a minute - she said "SURE" in a cheerful voice. He went in and closed the door. About a minute later a spy I still have in the building heard her yell quite loudly NOOOOOOO! Then five minutes after that she got up and stormed out of her office slamming the door against the wall in her hurry. She was going down to tell the president that she had lost another one in the same day.
So dear friends the score is now NEW COMPANY - 5, OLD COMPANY - 0

I do love that score and am working on a few other people to perhaps raise that score even more in our favor. The devil is finally reaping what she sowed, treat people like they are replaceable, continue to dump more work on them, discount their ideas and always have a better one, oh and micromanage until they they want to pull their hair out and finally they are all jumping ship, one right after the other. And thanks to us all jumping the ship is starting to sink and she can't micromanage her way out of this one.


verybadcat said...

I love karma. :)

Deutlich said...

meh. work sucks. dangs it.