Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 13 season passes on my DVR

I thought I'd try a different tactic this week instead of whining (since it's really been a good week so far) so this week here are 13 things that I like to watch on TV and have saved season passes to record every episode:

  1. LOST - Huge fan - didn't get into it until I watched season 1 on DVD but then I quickly caught up and now I usually don't wait for the DVR to record it. I watch it live commercials and all. I also read blogs about LOST and wiki's and am fascinated by all the hidden things in the show. It's on tonight - I can't wait!

  2. Biggest Loser - yes I dream of humiliating myself as these people have by standing on a giant scale in a tiny sports bra that shows off my fabulous love handles. I usually eat things like ice cream and cookies while watching this show - how ironic is that?

  3. Grey's Anatomy - watching other people's relationship angst makes me feel better about my own I guess? I just really love the characters on this show for the most part.

  4. House - Love, love, love the crotchety doctor! Would hate to work for him, but love watching the abuse he heaps on his minions.

  5. Ugly Betty - ah the ugly duckling working her way through corporate America with her brain instead of a wonder bra - love this show.

  6. Heroes - creative, unique, engaging, Save the Cheerleader, Save the World, how could I resist?

  7. Jericho - hesitant to get into this show at first but quickly became hooked. I was not one of those sending peanuts to the studio to get it renewed but I'm glad they did.

  8. October Road - there was nothing else on when I started watching this but I got hooked. I relate most to the girl Janet, I lived her life 10 years ago.

  9. Kyle XY - a warm, fuzzy, sci-fi story on ABC Family. A lot of teenage angst, not the best acting (but not the worst) and lots of pretty people to look at. Something about the main character (played by Matt Dallas) really caught my attention.

  10. ER - how many seasons is this now? I can't remember but I have been a fan since the beginning. I still like this show and frequently watch it on Saturday morning while still snuggled up under my covers in bed.

  11. Big Brother - I consider this a guilty pleasure for summertime viewing. Not sure what I think about this new February BB9 - it might interfere with all my other reality and game show TV watching (thanks to the writers strike).

  12. Deal or No Deal - There is no skill involved in this game (other than knowing when to stop being greedy and take the deal) but I still love watching. And I am happy when overly greedy folks give up a $175,000 offer and leave with the $50 in their case! LOL I know I'm mean. I also love watching people fawn all over Howie Mandel and touch him and kiss him knowing he's dying inside with each touch (germaphobe, doesn't even like to shake hands).

  13. Don't Forget the Lyrics - I love Wayne Brady, I love this show! I want to be on this show! LOL
Honorable mentions:
  • American Idol - once they get past the first Hollywood rounds and they are singing full actual songs.
  • Survivor - just getting to be the same old, same old - but new season could be interesting with some favorites coming back - and having Johnny "Fairplay" back on the show means lots of devious behavior.
  • Amazing Race - wouldn't mind doing this but would miss most of the countries you are in due to the fact that you are racing through them. Couldn't do with hubby we'd be divorced by the end of the 2nd day but with best friend "J" it might be fun.


Jennifer McKenzie said...

My best friend is OBSESSED with Heroes.
And I really disliked Johnny Fairplay.
Great list, Tricia. I don't record stuff, but if I did, I'd probably do "The Sarah Chronicles".

Maxie said...

Um no The Office? You need to get on watching that show. It's the shiznit.

Tricia said...

I have been trying to catch up on The Office on Netflix on demand. I do like it a lot - very funny! :) I set my laptop up and start an episode while I ride my exercise bike!