Monday, August 18, 2014

Running away from it all...

So my new blog is up and running and really starting to take shape - very focused on MS and living with a spouse with MS at least for now.  But I still have this blog and I don't really want to walk away from 6 years and hundreds of posts.

Middle age has not been so kind, let me tell you menopause is a cruel, cruel joke that mother nature plays on us women.  I used to long for it to be over - menopause meant the stopping of the monthly torture right?  Well yes eventually I suppose it does but first it means months and years of irritability, hot flashes, having to pee 5 times a night, never getting a good nights sleep, did I say irritability?

Yes thank you so much mother nature for cursing us women all the way around.

I do want to run away from it all some days - but lately my dreams of running away involve an RV and some luxury along the way.  Maybe I'll start a road trip one of these days and meet some of my internet friends along the way.

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