Monday, September 8, 2014

Coming into myself

Who would have thought that finally in my forties I'd start to feel comfortable in my own skin?  That I'd lose some inhibition and go for things I want?  Well I never would have predicted it but so far in 2014 I have sang and danced in the musical Aida with a great cast.  Me?  Dancing? On a STAGE? in front of an AUDIENCE?  Well it happened for real!  This is me, in the center right under the guy standing up on a platform in the back.

And I have worked on 3 short films so far in 2014, as an actor in one of them and Producer on all of them.  One more to go and I will be acting and producing in that one as well.  I have an IMDB page - for real!  :)  My IMDB page is HERE!

And yesterday I actually auditioned for a lead part in a musical.  I was nervous and felt a bit silly trying out (many, many child parts and I was the only adult who auditioned yesterday more tonight).  BUT I nailed it, I really did.  My singing was right on the money and I read for the part I wanted and did very, very well I believe.  So now I am hoping no one better shows up for tonight's auditions.  I want this part, yes I really, really do.

So yes the things that most people are doing in their 20's finding themselves and expressing themselves and being all artistic, well I'm doing it now.  In my 20's I was too busy working 3 jobs trying to make ends meet to be artistic.

Don't worry if I get the part you will know for sure as I will shout it from the mountaintops to anyone who will listen.  :)

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